Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still alive ... just not kicking.

So far 2011 has been kind of shitty.

First, I got sick to the point of losing my voice. And it lasted two weeks!

Secondly, Keith did something to his back. He took 3 days off work last week & still can't even manage to put his own socks on.

I'm in a funk with school - and this whole wacked out sleeping schedule I'm currently enjoying (umm...not) doesn't really add to the situation.

I haven't lost anything significant since hitting 100 pounds lost over a month ago. I'm getting frustrated and impatient. Although I will fully admit I've been letting carbs sneak back into my food choices. I've noticed something odd: When I eat carbs, I find I crave food; specifically, more carbs (naan bread & hummus is particularly delicious). Compare that to being able to have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude towards food when carbs aren't a food choice (still not "normal person hungry"). Time to wean off the carbs. Sigh. FML.

As far as the wedding goes, we've made progress on bridesmaids dresses and met with our baker, whom Keith really likes.

Bridesmaids dresses: I found them off Etsy, of all places! My requirements for bridesmaids dresses are pretty simple: Cheaper the better, knee-length and the same shade.

(Aside: although 2 of my girls are BEYOND amazing and told me they'd be okay with shelling out up to 300$ for a dress, my sister can't pay for her own, which means I'm going to have to. And I know I can't afford that much. So, yes. Cheaper = better.)

Anyway, without further ado:

The Infinity Wrap Dress by Localovespirate!

Isn't it gorgeous??! My girls can wrap/wear it any way they feel most comfortable on the day, I really don't care. I ordered the 'silver' (pictured) and 'steel' fabric samples to compare. I'll get everybodys opinions on the 19th when Peggy comes down for a visit. YAY!

As for the cake, I think I'll do a separate post on that because this post is getting super long. And no, it won't be a month later. Swearsies.