Sunday, May 29, 2011


Keith's dad was admitted to hospital this morning for bowel obstruction (side effect of having half his colon removed years ago to combat cancer) and is potentially looking at surgery to correct the issue.

Kind thoughts/prayers/good juju would be appreciated at this time.

I'll keep you updated.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hair & Makeup...?

So there's four possible choices for my hairstyle on Wday. Starting from the bottom: super pulled back, relaxed pulled back, completely down, and half up/half down.

Which looks the most flattering? Right now I'm trying to figure out if I can afford to have my hair professionally done, which would be ideal. Also, kind of regretting my decision to chop it off for the summer, even though I looked like a drowned rat. As for the back, I just want defined yet loose curls. If it's half up/half down that should be easy enough to do by myself, but if I decide on up, then this is what I'm envisioning. I definitely can't afford both a hair trial AND the day of, so I need to be 100% committed to one hairstyle. I probably won't be wearing a veil, instead I'll either pick up some sparkly hair pins or a very very thin jewelled headband.

As for makeup - in these pictures I'm wearing foundation, pressed power, a touch of blush, sliver eyeshadow, and mascara. Pretty basic - whenever I actually wear makeup this is what I wear (I either wear pink or silver eyeshadow. I know eh? Booorring). I know I need to add some sort of lip colour and figure out how to hide that unsightly brown mark near my lip, but do I need to add more makeup overall? Is it fine to do this portion of it myself? I mean - I don't look too bad ... right?

So, lovelies, what should I do?

And more importantly; what did you do for your wedding? Professional for both or did you do one (or all!) yourself? How did it turn out?

Friday, May 20, 2011

5 months

Update on my 7th month checklist

Done/in process:
- Venue
- Officiant
- Baker
- Bridal party chosen, dress picked out
- Florist
- Photographer
- Tat offered to do my hair & makeup for the day. YES PLEASE.
- Bridal Jewelry & bridesmaid's gifts.
- Mom has offered to host a bridal shower for me back home the second weekend in September. I am beyond grateful.
- Linens booked
- Engagement photos done!

Next steps:
- Keith asking his side!! GAH GET ON THAT ALREADY.
- Decor (buy centerpieces, orange pom-pom napkin rings I'm DIYing)
- Attire for the men.
- Making our guest book from Blurb.
- The great name-change debate.
- Alterations
- Ordering the bridesmaid dresses.

Not even thinking about (or don't WANT to):
- Marriage license - this is only in this category because it's only good for 3 months, so we won't be getting it until August at the earliest.
- Music situation
- Hotel
- Timeline of the day, other than the ceremony time: 2:30pm.
- Candy buffet bags/boxes and labels/stickers
- Shawn is building me an actual photobooth, but I don't know how we're going to get it to take pictures just yet. Also. Need props.

Honestly, I think we're fine for being 5 months out. I'm right in the middle -- where all the big stuff has been booked or put into motion while the small stuff is too far away to think about yet (or is dependent on guest numbers). The next big steps will be invitations - we're putting the deposit down to order the supplies next week and I've set a deadline to have them out by the middle of July.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Personalizing our day....Canadian style.

It comes as no surprise to anyone reading my blog for any length of time that Keith is really into hockey, and specifically Junior hockey. If you had told me five years ago I would willingly watch a hockey game and actually enjoy it, I would have laughed my face off. I wasn't raised with the quintessential Canadian love of hockey and, to be honest, I thought the entire sport was just goons on skates. I mean, what other sport forces grown men to take a time out in a BOX for two minutes? Does this seem odd to anyone else?

But, hey. It turns out that hockey is a major part of Keith's life, and now by extension, it's a part of mine. Our first major trip as a couple was actually to Belleville, just so we could watch a hockey game. Actually, now that I think of it, most of our trips involve an OHL game or two; even our potential mini-moon will include a side trip to catch a Bulls game.

I bought an official jersey on the first trip, back in 2008 (about, oh, seven months into our relationship). It was the biggest size they had and it was super tight. Case in point:

These jerseys have nothing on the back, so you can customize them to your liking. And so I had a thought this weekend ... why not see if we can put our last name on the back of each jersey, and don them over our wedding garb? And to really make it special, we could put our wedding date (10/22) on them as well. It would make for a couple of really cute photos and it's just so us. Visions of unique thank you cards danced in my head when I thought of this idea; but I had to see if my jersey fit rightthatverysecond, because if it didn't, this idea was dead, and I didn't want to get my hopes up.

Well. I'm very happy to report that this happened when I put it on:

I immediately commenced dancing like a crazy fool. AS IF it fits! AS IF I'm smaller than I was three years ago, WAY before this whole crazy weight-loss surgery journey.

So it looks like this idea is a big fat green light for GO, and I couldn't be more excited.....
If only I could actually decide which last name to put on the back of my jersey, that is.

Right. That little detail.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Major" News

I switched my Major.

I'm now studying a double major in English and History.

Oh yeah, and I went and picked out the cardboard box I'll be living in after graduating. It's a beauty. Four walls, weatherproof, retractable roof. I'll be stylin', for sure.

In all seriousness though, I really think this is the right decision. I was dreading going through three more years of Law classes, especially after taking the introductory class. After I made the switch I felt this big weight lift off my shoulders, which in my world always means I made the right decision.

I don't want to write though. I want to edit - I've always enjoyed proofreading my classmates work, all the way back to elementary school. I figure that anything written anywhere, ever, is going to require an editor.

And I was mistaken in the amount of credits I needed to advance to second year standing - I need four, and I only had three and a half. Which means I'm taking another two credits this summer at the first year level. Frustrating, seeing as I was going to use this summer to get ahead, but I'm fairly psyched about the classes I chose, even if they are first year.

I'm taking an English (obviously), an introductory linguistics, and an introductory course of the survey of Roman civilization.

And you know, if I can't find a job after graduating, well, I always have my stylin' cardboard box to resort to.