Wednesday, March 2, 2011

7 months

Time for a reality check! Actually this list could go either way; it can either stress me out or calm me. Any bets as to which one it'll do?

Done/in process:
- Venue
- Officiant
- Baker
- Bridal party chosen, dress picked out
- Florist
- Photographer
- Tat offered to do my hair & makeup for the day. YES PLEASE.

Next steps:
- Invites (design and DIY)
- Keith asking his side!! GAH GET ON THAT ALREADY.
- Decor (buy centerpieces, linens/chair sashes, orange pom-pom napkin rings I'm DIYing)
- Rings
- Decide whether I want to apply to blog for weddingbee.

Not even thinking about (or don't WANT to):
- Dress/overall look (other than an orange bolero) for myself.
- Attire for the men.
- Marriage license - this is only in this category because it's only good for 3 months, so we won't be getting it until August at the earliest.
- Music situation
- Bridal shower/bachelorette (which I'm going to combine into one)
- Hotel
- Timeline of the day, other than the ceremony time: 2:30pm.

Honestly, I think we're fine for being 7 months out. Other than the dress thing, but I have my own personal reasons (and a plan) for that aspect.

What do you think?

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