Friday, March 11, 2011

Golden Rule

day 4 - your views on religion

Organized religion = cult.
Only with more funding.

That's my own, personal, cynical view on the whole issue. (I personally identify as lapsed Catholic).

However, saying that, I do realize that people need to believe in something, whether that be the God, Jesus Christ, or magical fairy elves. And if you believe - all the power to you. That being said, one religion is NOT more "right" than another. They are all equal; whatever you call your God, He is the same person.

I personally separate the issue of religion and God. In my mind, there is no doubt there is something higher out there, and all the scientific methods used to 'disprove' this existence can't do that.

But do I believe that if I don't confess my sins every Sunday or give a tenth of my earnings to the Church I'm going to hell? Not so much. I'm also pretty skeptical about the whole Jesus issue, and like to look at all religion from a historical viewpoint.

What are your views on the subject?

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Heather said...

Obviously I believe in God. Nothing ever shakes that belief, I've felt this way for 25 years.

But I also believe that a personal relationship with God is what is important. If I am praying, never doubtful, trying to do right and proud of my beliefs, then I dont think I have to be at Church every week. So I guess I'm not funding any Church.

I dont judge anyone by their alternative beliefs (best friend Sharain is muslim and we never argue about religion) but in my heart I wish they believed the same way I did...I just dont say so because I recognise their right to choose.

I'm much more inclined to judge people for being unkind/cruel etc than for their religion.