Wednesday, April 30, 2008

7 days home (in transit)

Today I'm on my way to the big I've got an opera ticket with my name on it, baby. A Russian opera, to be precise, although I'm wondering how exactly one sings in Russian. Something tells me its not going be as pretty as, lets say, an opera done in Italian.

I'm going to see Eugene Onegin, written by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Being performed in this building, which was just built two years ago (see below). It shure iz purty, ain't it?

I'm staying over at L'Hotel Très Posh De Mes Oncles; it's a family run business, you know. The next day I'll be continuing on my 5-hour journey to Ottawa, where I'll be picked up at the Greyhound by my sweetheart.

I'm still debating on how to greet him - quietly, maturely, with a demure smooch? or should I run into his arms, luggage and all, wrap my arms tight around his neck and proceed to kiss him with total abandon?

Because, guys, I shure haz missed him somethin' awful.

Darn tootin'.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

6 days home

Ahh, a new fresh spring haircut and finally got an eyebrow wax!
It cost a fraction of what it would back home. Oh how I love thee, small town pricing (22$ for wash/cut/style, 7$ for each brow, 10$ tip).

You all know what it looked like before, but just for comparison sake, here's another picture of


(the shot focusing on my cleavage area is just to show you how long it was)



(oh, egads, please excuse the excessive amount of boobage. there's no controlling those things.)

Monday, April 28, 2008

5 days home (why I love being here)

....when I want to make a random batch of chocolate chip cookies, I can. The ingredients are all there for the taking (except, in this house, we don't have cookie sheets. what kind of house doesn't have cookie sheets??). When does this happen? The random accruement of ingredients in one's pantry? Does it happen after kids? After marriage? After first career-like job? When?

Actually, I should modify that a bit - I can only bake and eat what I please when Mom's out of the house. If she were here, she would ask what I was doing, and then, at the horrifying prospect of all that buttery sugary chocolate, would deny me. But, she's at work right now so it doesn't matter.

I made enough batter for five dozen cookies by accident. Checking the entire recipe before starting would have probably been a wise thing to do. Ooops.

There's a dozen cookies baking in a muffin pan since we have nothing else. I'm hoping it works.

And that my mom and aunt like cookies enough to eat five dozen of them.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

3 days home (extended hours)

Because, when its 2:30am and you just don't want to work on school stuff (not that you've done any schoolwork today anyways) but you can't go to sleep because you're freaked out about something and you drank an entire 2L bottle of Dr. Pepper today - this is what you do:

(sorry about the crappy sound quality.)

(oh, and the really, really crappy violin playing.)

(although, in my defence, it has been over two years.)

(my god I suck. ouch. I'm sorry.)

(oh, and disregard that babbling at the beginning, it's been a long, boring day with no one to talk to.)

(you may have noticed that my blog has become kind of photo heavy in the last week - mostly because I bought a digital camera before our trip to Belleville and I finally figured out how to do video with it tonight. So anyways, my point was - new toy, just bear with me until I get tired of it, plzkthx :D)

(being totally narcissistic right now, but my gosh do I ever need a haircut.)

(I'm playing Bourreé by G.F. Handel, if you're wondering, which you probably aren;t, but I just thought I'd tell you anyways. Hah.)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

3 days home

Friday, April 25, 2008

2 days home....

*yawn* I'm so tired lately (this entire month, actually). Wednesday night I went to bed at midnight, got up at 8, and was back in bed and snoozing away by 10am. Today I fell asleep no less than 6 times while watching Hamlet at the Stratford Festival with Pegster. Which started at 2pm. (Okay so we were sitting at the very top row of the balcony, so one of the times I was leaning forward in my seat so I specifically wouldn't doze off, but I did, and when I woke up I was staring - and leaning - straight down onto the stage --- from several, several feet up. And my eyes weren't functioning properly so my vision "wobbled" a bit when I first opened them. It gave me bit of a jolt!) And, for the record, I got 7.5 hours of sleep last night.
......Yeah....something's not right.

Went to the dentist's yesterday - it was the main reason for coming home as I haven't been in 2 years and don't have any cavities! Yaaaay! :)

I'm having fruit salad for dinner because Mom's gone and won't be back until 9:30. First fruit of the season...SO yummy! I can't stop eating it. I've abandoned the fork and gone straight for the fingers, lol.

I'm also supposed to be working on 4 discussion boards for Canadian Lit, but like Heather, there seems to be so many other pressing things to do. Although I do like being home because that means there's a deadline to do things - and that deadline is usually by the time my mother gets home and checks over what I've done so far. I know that sounds kind of bad, but really, its a huge help to a lazy procrastinator like me; and its an even bigger help when I'm not even remotely interested in the subject matter. My mom is the best.

Okay, I better get back to work, I only have an hour and a bit to get them all done and I wanna play the Sims a bit as well. Byes!

Miss you baby!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


disclaimer - while I'm not particularly religious
and definitely do not believe in the whole Gensis story,
I nevertheless thought this was a sweet saying.

As promised....

written on our lovely butcher-paper tablecloth at Crabby Joes.
(he does, you know).

So....uh, yeah, this is a little late, but blame The Sims. And Keith. And the dog.

When in doubt, always blame the dog. (Even when the dog is in doggy jail (aka the kennel) for another week or so).

Let me get one thing straight here, though.....there's....well, there's alot of photos. "Alot," meaning, oh, 137. Or so. There's so many photos I just don't know really where to start with this entry, hencewhy I'm rambling on and on and on and on.......


Belleville is a cute little (and by little I mean a pop of 48,821) town located about 221km (137miles) from Ottawa. I'd never been there before as all my travelling in this province tends to be either me going to Toronto or me going home, or a combination of both. So it was really nice to get away to someplace totally new and just let Keith lead the way. It was pretty much the perfect size too; small town enough so you got into conversations with people walking along (especially when you're wearing this), yet big enough that you could go grab a bite to eat out at 11pm - although, granted, it was a Saturday night.

We left Friday right after Keith got off work - we had to wait at the Greyhound station for about an hour but that's what I usually do anyways so it wasn't a big deal. On the ride up I saw a couple of deer (two alive, one very much dead, poor thing) but not much else. The landscape is so dreary this time of year - snow's nearly all gone but the green hasn't come out yet. I tried to read but it makes me queasy so didn't get very far and the boy just
watched a movie on his PSP. We (finally!) got into Belleville at about 7:30.
see how excited he is? lol.

Keith and I have come to the agreement that we need a king-sized bed one day - O.M.Gosh. was that bed ever some kind of comfortable! We were also at the very end of the hotel with no neighbours (I'm assuming you all know why I'm saying 'yay' to that? lol) and an exit right outside the door (a pretty good perk for a smoker like me). And, while I'm the first to tell you I'm not a neatfreak, neither am I a slob - tidy is what I aim for usually.....but not this weekend. Where it came off/was placed, there it dropped. And stayed. Of course, I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to see the mess we made; I do have some standards after all...... ;-)

So we passed the evening watching hockey (him), on the computer (me), ordered food in, and just generally *aHEM* messed about. Keith drank the better part of a half a bottle of Absolut - I tried to but just got a thumping headache for my troubles (ack, I'm getting old!). Went to bed fairly late; and, in Keith's case, fairly drunk. lol. =D

I think that's a long enough entry for now, and it is 3:30am .... I'll finish the rest of the trip up later. Night night!

Oh! and before I forget - finally got the link to K.02's blog fixed, so feel free to just click on the picture and it'll take you right to it. yay!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Self Explanatory *wink*

We're Back!

full re-cap tomorrow :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Weekend Getaway

Does anyone else find it slightly odd that I'm only driven to post when I have schoolwork (often due the next day) open in front of me?

Really? 'Cuz, you know, neither do I. Perfectly natural. Good - glad that's sorted.

This time tomorrow, ladies & gents (okay, who am I kidding, it's only ladies) I'll be sitting quite uncomfortably next to my sweetie on a lovely (not really) Greyhound bus bound for.....are you ready for it? .....Belleville. (Did the aforementioned sweetie take my suggestions of Montreal or Toronto? Nope. Hockey, apparently, rules all.).

We're going for a weekend away to watch a playoff game of the Belleville Bulls, a fairly decent team (from what I can gather) in the OLH, and, incidentally, Keith's hometown team. I desperately need a break before I become someone I don't recognize, and we both need some time alone with each other - we're going on seven weeks, people (me staying at his parents place does not bode itself well to a healthy....well, you know).

Now, in order to enter into this trip with a clear conscience, I might as well get back to the Crim homework (which, even amidst all the craziness this semester, am averaging a 72% in. I'm proud of myself. Can you be too?)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rainy days

Rainy Saturday days make me want to reach for the vodka. This past week has made me want to reach for the vodka. I think it's safe to say I'll be reaching for the Absolut fairly soon, don't you?

Just have to find some mix....

(sorry for the near-silence lately. I haven't really felt like talking)

Friday, April 11, 2008


He came up with it when he was delirious with fever. I mean, he must have been, right? Pookey?

............and there's a funky smell coming from my bookbag. Methinks its time for a thorough clean-out when I get home.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Odd emotions

I have got to stop being on the verge of tears when I hear that K.02 isn't coming over to his parents' for dinner or not staying after. It's ridiculous! He's sick (his mom said he looked pretty dead on his feet when she picked him up from work tonight) and in the past 48 hours has worked 25-27. I don't know why I'm letting this affect me so's really odd.

Geeze Sarah, stop being such an unreasonable crybaby - it's not that he doesn't want to see you, its that he can't.

I hope?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Back from the doctors....

So it turns out I have a double ear infection. I was at the doctors for three hours today, ugh! She took a look in my right ear and went "ouch!" and then took a look in my left and did it again - and then was like "well, if I had been as sick as you were this time of year, and my ears looked like that, I would want antibiotics too!" She said it would take up to 2 weeks for the blocked feeling in my ear to go away....I'm feeling quite mixed between "yay its ONLY two weeks of being half deaf" and "crap, its TWO WEEKS of being half deaf".

So now I'm armed with orange juice, chicken soup, vanilla yoghurt and some lovely antibiotics. I have 1.5 loads of laundry to do, but after that's done I'm going to take a steaming-hot-so-it-makes-my-skin-sting shower, and curl up in bed (in freshly laundered sheets, no less) with some chicken soup and call it an early night. I'm already dreading having to run around tomorrow...

Yesterday was so gorgeous, I was outside at 9pm in only a sweater and wasn't the least bit cold, and today was utter shiate - it was slushy raining all day (where it looks like snow coming down but melts on contact with anything). I wish spring would make up her mind already about sticking around! Is that really too much to ask?!


I just got an email telling me my request for summer funding has been approved, and its a REALLY nice chunk of change (just under 3,000$ more than last summer), as well as its available nearly a month before last summers funding as well (I can pick it up April 11th).

Now I'm off to the doctors because my right ear is still taking a hiatus from hearing, as well as I need to pick up doctors notes as a justification for everything I've missed this week. Also have to swing by the bank to get money to pay for my smokes, get laundry money (wooo!!!! FINALLY GET TO DO LAUNDRY!!!!) and pick up some toliet paper.

Tomorrow's a busy day - I have two viewings at 11:30 & 1 and then have to scramble to get back here in order to get all prettified for K.02's banquet, and then I have to meet him across town at 6. I bought a new outfit and everything ;-)

As well this weekend I have to find time to make up for everything I've missed this week - I was able to get extensions until Monday on everything, thank goodness. Still doesn't mean I want to do the work though (lol) but at least I have a chance to make it up, you know?

Basically what's running through my head right now is....FINALLY, after a week of complete utter crap, it sure feels nice to have good things happening to me again! yay!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

it's no fun when you're sick....

Sooooo sick. While I fully admit I'm a baby when it comes to illness (and thus, prone to overexaggeration), but, guys, I'm actually really sick. Honest!
And now I have this stabbing pain in the back of my head added to stuffed sinuses and a headache. I sound like a goose and I spent all of today fitfully sleeping after sleeping all night. I'm grouchy and irritable and all that good stuff. I don't even like myself right now so I totally understand that Skittles and K.02 aren't too thrilled with me either at the moment.

I had to reschedule my already rescheduled midterm and cancel two viewings for apartments today. I'm dreading having to do Part III for Estates which is due tomorrow, and I have a sinking feeling that 2 journals are due for Canadian Lit on Friday. I can't even think properly; how the hell am I going to pull this off?

Seriously, how? Really, I'm thisclose to just not even doing Part III. It's only worth 10%....



It's 4am, what else am I going to do?

Do you shave your legs? No, I Nair them.
Do you shave your armpits? Every few days.
Do you shave your other area? Mind your own business, you perv!
Are you secretly gay? It's so secret I don't even know about it. ;-)
Have you ever had nasty dreams about your teachers? No....never quite got the whole "crushing-on-teacher-thing" either.
Can you pop your shoulder out of place? Er, no.
How many contacts are saved to your phone? 37.
Have you ever been inside Victoria's Secret? I've been inside their catalogue, if you know what I mean ;-)
Do you cut your wrists? DO I LOOK EMO TO YOU?!!
Have you ever applied makeup to your face? Yeah, bring on the war-paint.
Do you read/watch/submit porn? I plead the Fifth.
How far can you throw a football? Not very far, but thats okay, cuz I can cheer!
Who are you voting for? Someone that sounds like a total sleazebag - hey, at least they're being honest.
Can you sing? If you mean - can I open my mouth and say words to a melody, why yes, then I can "sing".
What's your sign? Aquarius, baby ;-) Come here often?
Have you ever painted your nails? Nail polish gives me a headache, so not since I've been 13.
Have you ever played strip darts/poker/pool? Yeah, I've played strip poker. and WON!
Do you watch the news with your parents? Hardly; I don't live at home.
Do you smell bad? I dunno, you tell me.
Have you ever cried while watching a movie? At the end of Notting Hill, oddly enough.
Do you eat your scabs? Do you eat your boogers?
Do you wear makeup becuase you think you're ugly? Hells no. I just wear it when I want to feel validated as a person, goshdarnit!
What kind of phone do you have? Telus LG