Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Odd emotions

I have got to stop being on the verge of tears when I hear that K.02 isn't coming over to his parents' for dinner or not staying after. It's ridiculous! He's sick (his mom said he looked pretty dead on his feet when she picked him up from work tonight) and in the past 48 hours has worked 25-27. I don't know why I'm letting this affect me so's really odd.

Geeze Sarah, stop being such an unreasonable crybaby - it's not that he doesn't want to see you, its that he can't.

I hope?

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Kamie said...

I remember once after we were married, Dustyn had been gone for a week or two and he wanted to surprise me. He called me and told me that he was just leaving town and he'd be home in about two hours (when really he was like 2 minutes away). BAD IDEA. I was expecting him to show up an hour earlier, so I was already a tad bit upset. I started sobbing uncontrollably . . . as he pulled up in the driveway.

So this is what I am imagining as you tell this story!