Tuesday, April 22, 2008

As promised....

written on our lovely butcher-paper tablecloth at Crabby Joes.
(he does, you know).

So....uh, yeah, this is a little late, but blame The Sims. And Keith. And the dog.

When in doubt, always blame the dog. (Even when the dog is in doggy jail (aka the kennel) for another week or so).

Let me get one thing straight here, though.....there's....well, there's alot of photos. "Alot," meaning, oh, 137. Or so. There's so many photos I just don't know really where to start with this entry, hencewhy I'm rambling on and on and on and on.......


Belleville is a cute little (and by little I mean a pop of 48,821) town located about 221km (137miles) from Ottawa. I'd never been there before as all my travelling in this province tends to be either me going to Toronto or me going home, or a combination of both. So it was really nice to get away to someplace totally new and just let Keith lead the way. It was pretty much the perfect size too; small town enough so you got into conversations with people walking along (especially when you're wearing this), yet big enough that you could go grab a bite to eat out at 11pm - although, granted, it was a Saturday night.

We left Friday right after Keith got off work - we had to wait at the Greyhound station for about an hour but that's what I usually do anyways so it wasn't a big deal. On the ride up I saw a couple of deer (two alive, one very much dead, poor thing) but not much else. The landscape is so dreary this time of year - snow's nearly all gone but the green hasn't come out yet. I tried to read but it makes me queasy so didn't get very far and the boy just
watched a movie on his PSP. We (finally!) got into Belleville at about 7:30.
see how excited he is? lol.

Keith and I have come to the agreement that we need a king-sized bed one day - O.M.Gosh. was that bed ever some kind of comfortable! We were also at the very end of the hotel with no neighbours (I'm assuming you all know why I'm saying 'yay' to that? lol) and an exit right outside the door (a pretty good perk for a smoker like me). And, while I'm the first to tell you I'm not a neatfreak, neither am I a slob - tidy is what I aim for usually.....but not this weekend. Where it came off/was placed, there it dropped. And stayed. Of course, I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to see the mess we made; I do have some standards after all...... ;-)

So we passed the evening watching hockey (him), on the computer (me), ordered food in, and just generally *aHEM* messed about. Keith drank the better part of a half a bottle of Absolut - I tried to but just got a thumping headache for my troubles (ack, I'm getting old!). Went to bed fairly late; and, in Keith's case, fairly drunk. lol. =D

I think that's a long enough entry for now, and it is 3:30am .... I'll finish the rest of the trip up later. Night night!

Oh! and before I forget - finally got the link to K.02's blog fixed, so feel free to just click on the picture and it'll take you right to it. yay!


Kelly said...

Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend ;-)

The hotel that Michael and I stay in when we go to Taupo has super king beds in all the rooms - bliss!! It takes an age to adjust back to our queen size bed and having Michael bedhog so badly after all that glorious comfort and space!

Heather said...

Yeah I'd love a king sized bed too but none of the bedrooms in my house fit it lol.

Sounds like a great trip and a nice break from reality. :o) Gotta love alone time with your other half!

weedze said...

umm who fixed your blog. me and for the record i was not that drunk.