Friday, April 4, 2008


I just got an email telling me my request for summer funding has been approved, and its a REALLY nice chunk of change (just under 3,000$ more than last summer), as well as its available nearly a month before last summers funding as well (I can pick it up April 11th).

Now I'm off to the doctors because my right ear is still taking a hiatus from hearing, as well as I need to pick up doctors notes as a justification for everything I've missed this week. Also have to swing by the bank to get money to pay for my smokes, get laundry money (wooo!!!! FINALLY GET TO DO LAUNDRY!!!!) and pick up some toliet paper.

Tomorrow's a busy day - I have two viewings at 11:30 & 1 and then have to scramble to get back here in order to get all prettified for K.02's banquet, and then I have to meet him across town at 6. I bought a new outfit and everything ;-)

As well this weekend I have to find time to make up for everything I've missed this week - I was able to get extensions until Monday on everything, thank goodness. Still doesn't mean I want to do the work though (lol) but at least I have a chance to make it up, you know?

Basically what's running through my head right now is....FINALLY, after a week of complete utter crap, it sure feels nice to have good things happening to me again! yay!


Kamie said...

I am glad you are having a much better (but busy) day! :) Hope your ear stops that!! It's just not nice!!

That is exciting about your summer funding too!!

Kelly said...

Awesome news about the summer funding :)

How is the house situation going?