Monday, April 28, 2008

5 days home (why I love being here)

....when I want to make a random batch of chocolate chip cookies, I can. The ingredients are all there for the taking (except, in this house, we don't have cookie sheets. what kind of house doesn't have cookie sheets??). When does this happen? The random accruement of ingredients in one's pantry? Does it happen after kids? After marriage? After first career-like job? When?

Actually, I should modify that a bit - I can only bake and eat what I please when Mom's out of the house. If she were here, she would ask what I was doing, and then, at the horrifying prospect of all that buttery sugary chocolate, would deny me. But, she's at work right now so it doesn't matter.

I made enough batter for five dozen cookies by accident. Checking the entire recipe before starting would have probably been a wise thing to do. Ooops.

There's a dozen cookies baking in a muffin pan since we have nothing else. I'm hoping it works.

And that my mom and aunt like cookies enough to eat five dozen of them.


Kamie said...

Yum! I want cookies! Oh wait - that would mean cleaning my kitchen. :P Maybe I don't really want them. Ha ha! I am being SO lazy!

Heather said...

So by cookie sheet I assume that you mean a flat tray? We have those and an actual cookie sheet which is a sorta plastic liner that is seriously non-stick and great for cookies but I've never known anyone else with one before so I dont know how common that is?

Pat would say the same thing if I went to make biscuits.

And umm...I had it all before marriage or kids. I went on a big shopping spree as soon as I knew I'd be able to move myself easily if necessary. It was so fun buying all the ingredients and matching containers!

Kelly said...

Mmmm cookies!!! Feel free to send some this way :P