Friday, May 29, 2009


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

new trick

We're packed and counting down the hours until we leave. The one thing I absolutely HATE is having to put Molly in the kennel when we go away, so a couple of nights before, she gets absolutely spoiled with treats and cuddles. I'll miss her so incredibly much :(

(For those interested: weight loss: 3.5 pounds, 1 inch. Totals: 28 pounds, 5 inches)

Monday, May 25, 2009

new & old

Meet my new sexy phone:

It's a Blackberry Pearl Flip 8820
in PINK. (it's okay to be jealous)

My new toy; the game I got for it was Brain Age 2.

And because you haven't seen them in awhile (and they're still incredibly cute):

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Can I start packing yet?

Keith's on vacation for the next week and we're off to Toronto in 3 days! Keith and I are SO excited - the last trip we took was in November for his birthday. It was a loooong winter, let me tell you. Sheesh.

The day after we get there, my bestest friend is coming down from Blyth to spend two days with us and oh, I can't WAIT to see her. And on Saturday, my mom is driving from London (after a teachers conference, no less!) to spend a day with us. Mom & I are going to see Jersey Boys on Saturday night and then the three of us are going to the ROM on Sunday morning/afternoon. I haven't seen my mom since Thanksgiving. That's WAY too long, if you ask me. But the trip to Stratford - Ottawa takes a day (literally) and its hard to find the money & time; it's not like you can just 'pop up' there for a weekend.

Because of my diet there's some logisitics to the trip that I've never had to think about before - like realizing last night that we have to bring along dish soap. DISH SOAP. How weird is that? But I need something to clean my shakers out every day.

Other than that there's just the usual to do before we leave anywhere - namely make sure the house is clean and the laundry is done. Which I should be doing now instead of typing this. Ahem.

Thursday: Peggy arrives 8:10am at Union Station, then Hockey Hall of Fame, Ontario Science Centre and CN Tower (at night).
Friday: Toronto Zoo! Peggy leaves at 10pm *sad face*
Saturday: Jays Game at 1pm, Mom arrives at 5pm, show at 8.
Sunday: Checkout at 11am, ROM for afternoon, then catching the Greyhound at 6:30. Get into Ottawa at midnight.
Monday: Keith calls in sick? Maybe?

Friday, May 22, 2009


Next week is going to be the longest week of my life. And what kills me is I don't want to say anything because I want it to be this BIG! SURPRISE! when it happens.

I can't wait to show you pictures.

It's going to be beautiful.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

8 things + results

Loss: 7 pounds (3.2kg)
Inches: 1 inch
Blood pressure: 120/80
Totals: 27 pounds (12.3 kg) and 4 inches.

Also, Mrs. E from The Marvelous Mrs. E tagged me today.

8 Things

8 Things I'm Looking Forward to:
vacation in a week
eating again
getting engaged
finishing my diploma
going to bed
watching the 90210 season finale
getting weighed next week
seeing my dad this summer

8 Things I did yesterday:
Watched Harry Potter movies #3-5.
Watched some Sex & The City.
Stayed naked all day
Did some wedding research
Snuggled with Keith
Went to the bathroom every 20 minutes (damn liquid diet)
Did some homework

8 Things I wish I could do:
Speak French fluently
Start actual wedding planning
Fit into a size 10
A cart-wheel
Get an A on every exam and assignment
Save money
Afford name-brand cigarettes.

8 Shows I watch:
Grey's Anatomy
Sex & The City
Criminal Minds
Say Yes To The Dress
18 kids and counting (don't judge)

8 Tags:
Heather's Daily Life
The Well Written Kitty
Dustyn & Kamie
Patiently Waiting
Empty Uterus Syndrome
Weedze - That's Me

Thursday, May 14, 2009

something else

The wind is blowing so hard today. It's making the newly-leaved trees swish back and forth as if they were waves, crashing onto the sand. The sound through my open windows is intoxicating; I wish I could stay in bed to prolong the fantasy that the sound actually is water against land.

Too bad I have class in 45 minutes. F*$king school.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

caution: F bombs ahead

What IS it that makes me so irrationally angry when my laptop is fucked up?

I JUST got it back today from it being repaired for a week. I had to re-install Windows on it myself, so that took 2 hours. I noticed it was getting really hot on the left side, but I went ahead and starting installing stuff like MSN, Office, Sims2, and it crashed on me (and it won't re-start). It was only on for THREE HOURS! That's gotta be a world record or something. ONLY THREE FUCKING HOURS.

I'm so incredibly fucked off right now. I know I shouldn't have done it, but I called the place that repaired it. I distinctly remember ending the message by yelling "I don't know what you did to it, but it's FUCKED."


Something tells me they won't be a hurry to return my call.

Why I love Keith: numbers 15, 16 & 17

Every morning before going to work, he puts 4 shakers filled with water in the fridge for me to mix later.
He re-sets the alarm to whatever time I need to wake up.
He asks if I'm ready for the dog and doesn't let her in the room until I say yes.*

*Molly isn't allowed to sleep with us during the night due to his allergies & bed size, but when he leaves for work in the morning he lets her in so I don't have to wake up alone.

Monday, May 4, 2009

the day started out aggro and turned into good

I didn't do any of the workout stuff I had planned yesterday, so that's a fail.

Did you know that Wal-Mart sells bridal stuff? Like veils/tiaras, cake toppers, even favour kits and invitations. Wow. I already planned on getting my shoes there, now I'm probably going to get my tiara and they have these cute little wine glass candles that would be perfect for around the centerpiece. Who cares if the headpiece costs 20$ or 200$? And more importantly, who actually notices? I know I don't care, and I don't care if people notice! 20$ is CHEAP, people!

My laptop is broken AGAIN. This makes it the third time in about as many months - the last repair only lasted a week and a half. I'm going in to drop it off tomorrow and I've already stated quite firmly that I WILL NOT be paying for whatever's wrong, because shelling out 70$ each time in 2 weeks is NOT acceptable.

School starts evening class (Civil Procedures II) was canceled on Friday. I get a reduction in tuition, of course (making my tuition only 688$), but if I can take it during the day right now, then that's preferable. The situation with Civil Pro II is that they are doing a complete overhaul of the Rules of Civil Procedure in January of 2010. And guess when the course is offered in the day program? January 2010. So to avoid having to re-buy new textbooks and also to avoid having to re-learn all of the damn rules, I want to get it done now.

Grades are in! Keith got a B, which qualifies him for a CGA (stands for Canada General Accountant) exemption.

Basically, the way it works is if you take these courses now, and achieve a minimum grade of 70%, then you are exempted from writing that test later on to qualify to become a CGA. You can qualify for up to 13 CGA exemptions. That's Keith's plan - so it puts a little bit of pressure on him to make sure he gets at least a B- to qualify. There's really no room for failure (anything lower). I'm so happy for him! :)

And myself, I don't know if saying 76.05% is the same as saying 76.5%, or even if they round up final marks. If the first one is true, then I got a B; if the second one is true then I got a B+. Either way, I'm very very happy with my mark, especially after such a shitty start (64% on a midterm worth 25% - YUCK). And for participation I got 70%; I did miss 3 classes so that makes sense.

I also got 75% on my final (worth 25%) - I wrote it in TWENTY MINUTES. I'm not even kidding you. Me a happy Sarah!

Um, that's about it, I guess. Off to watch Family Guy! :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Actual - Saturday

Saturday - Light housework, 20 minutes of treadmill, some weight-machines (8 x 15 reps x 3 x 2), 20 minute swim, 40 minute walk (due to crappy shoes and a blister on the bottom of my foot).

Added: 29 minutes of DDR and a 30 minute walk.

My upper arms are very much hurty right now. And Keith said he would make me a shake half an hour ago and he's still sitting so close to his screen I fear it'll swallow his head.

PS: GO CANUCKS! awww shit; chicago just scored to tie it up.

PPS: If you're wondering why I'm writing this all down, every week I have to write it down and give it to the doctor; if I don't put it here I'll forget/lose it.

Actual - Friday

Friday - 25 minutes of DDR, 20 minutes of treadmill, some weight machines (15 reps x 3). This didn't happen, I did a 30 minute walk instead.
20 30 minute swim, 25 29 minutes of DDR.

There. I did it (sorta, kinda, maybe?)

Now I'm off to snuggle in bed and choose a movie off RogersOnDemand as my reward.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Monday - did nothing except sleep, read and enjoy my first day of unemployment.

Tuesday - also did nothing; weigh-in revealed a loss of only a pound and a half inch. Bummed. (Totals: 21 pounds and 3 inches)

Wednesday - Light housework+, 30 minute power-walk, 20 minute swim.

Thursday - 40 minute walk*. In the rain, no less.

Friday - 25 minutes of DDR, 20 minutes of treadmill, some weight machines (15 reps x 3), 20 minute swim, 25 minutes of DDR.

Saturday - Light housework, 20 minutes of treadmill, some weight-machines (15 reps x 3), 20 minute swim, 40 minute walk.

Sunday - Light housework, 25 minutes of DDR, 20 minute swim, 40 minute walk. Keith plays ball-hockey.

Monday - 20 minute swim. Keith plays ice-hockey.

Up until Thursday, this list is truthful. We'll see how I do over the weekend, but that's what I want to accomplish. Let's hope that all my hard work this week will result in a good-sized drop in the scale on Tuesday!

* when I say "40 minute walk" that usually means a loop around our neighbourhood with the dog. She's loving this new exercise regime. On the days that we don't go on our walks, we try to take her out for a good 20 minutes of fetch.
+ Yes, I count housework as exercise. Anything helps. I actually do half-lunges when I'm vacuuming, believe it or not!

(oh, almost forgot to mention; it stopped on day 13, thankfully! I asked the doctor about it on Tuesday, and she said that if it happens next month, then to DEFINITELY go for an ultrasound. She thinks I might have had a cyst that burst, based on the amount of cramping I had. GulpGulp)