Sunday, May 24, 2009

Can I start packing yet?

Keith's on vacation for the next week and we're off to Toronto in 3 days! Keith and I are SO excited - the last trip we took was in November for his birthday. It was a loooong winter, let me tell you. Sheesh.

The day after we get there, my bestest friend is coming down from Blyth to spend two days with us and oh, I can't WAIT to see her. And on Saturday, my mom is driving from London (after a teachers conference, no less!) to spend a day with us. Mom & I are going to see Jersey Boys on Saturday night and then the three of us are going to the ROM on Sunday morning/afternoon. I haven't seen my mom since Thanksgiving. That's WAY too long, if you ask me. But the trip to Stratford - Ottawa takes a day (literally) and its hard to find the money & time; it's not like you can just 'pop up' there for a weekend.

Because of my diet there's some logisitics to the trip that I've never had to think about before - like realizing last night that we have to bring along dish soap. DISH SOAP. How weird is that? But I need something to clean my shakers out every day.

Other than that there's just the usual to do before we leave anywhere - namely make sure the house is clean and the laundry is done. Which I should be doing now instead of typing this. Ahem.

Thursday: Peggy arrives 8:10am at Union Station, then Hockey Hall of Fame, Ontario Science Centre and CN Tower (at night).
Friday: Toronto Zoo! Peggy leaves at 10pm *sad face*
Saturday: Jays Game at 1pm, Mom arrives at 5pm, show at 8.
Sunday: Checkout at 11am, ROM for afternoon, then catching the Greyhound at 6:30. Get into Ottawa at midnight.
Monday: Keith calls in sick? Maybe?


Heather said...

Sounds like it's gonna be awesome!

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Sounds fun! I was just at the CN Tower yesterday and the zoo today! I love the Toronto zoo on earth! Enjoy your trip!

Stopped by via the We Love Comments group on 20SB, by the way. :)

Yet said...

Gosh! I hope you have a great time. I'm waiting for when I can afford one. just stopping by from "we love comments"
Have a great one!!