Monday, May 25, 2009

new & old

Meet my new sexy phone:

It's a Blackberry Pearl Flip 8820
in PINK. (it's okay to be jealous)

My new toy; the game I got for it was Brain Age 2.

And because you haven't seen them in awhile (and they're still incredibly cute):


Heather said...

I'm sorry, but I cant comment on the phone's cuteness when you put fur baby photos in the same entry!

Kitty is looking chubby lol.

sarah said...

We recently changed his food since we noticed his coat looking manky, and, well, he's been a bit of a pig with it! But really its more the angle of the photo and I think it's more of a 'filling out' than straight weight gain - he's almost 2 years old. (listen to me; I sound like a defensive mother - "HE'S NOT FAT, HE'S BIG BONED!" lol)

Isn't they beautiful though? I still can't get over how gorgeous they both turned out :)