Monday, May 4, 2009

the day started out aggro and turned into good

I didn't do any of the workout stuff I had planned yesterday, so that's a fail.

Did you know that Wal-Mart sells bridal stuff? Like veils/tiaras, cake toppers, even favour kits and invitations. Wow. I already planned on getting my shoes there, now I'm probably going to get my tiara and they have these cute little wine glass candles that would be perfect for around the centerpiece. Who cares if the headpiece costs 20$ or 200$? And more importantly, who actually notices? I know I don't care, and I don't care if people notice! 20$ is CHEAP, people!

My laptop is broken AGAIN. This makes it the third time in about as many months - the last repair only lasted a week and a half. I'm going in to drop it off tomorrow and I've already stated quite firmly that I WILL NOT be paying for whatever's wrong, because shelling out 70$ each time in 2 weeks is NOT acceptable.

School starts evening class (Civil Procedures II) was canceled on Friday. I get a reduction in tuition, of course (making my tuition only 688$), but if I can take it during the day right now, then that's preferable. The situation with Civil Pro II is that they are doing a complete overhaul of the Rules of Civil Procedure in January of 2010. And guess when the course is offered in the day program? January 2010. So to avoid having to re-buy new textbooks and also to avoid having to re-learn all of the damn rules, I want to get it done now.

Grades are in! Keith got a B, which qualifies him for a CGA (stands for Canada General Accountant) exemption.

Basically, the way it works is if you take these courses now, and achieve a minimum grade of 70%, then you are exempted from writing that test later on to qualify to become a CGA. You can qualify for up to 13 CGA exemptions. That's Keith's plan - so it puts a little bit of pressure on him to make sure he gets at least a B- to qualify. There's really no room for failure (anything lower). I'm so happy for him! :)

And myself, I don't know if saying 76.05% is the same as saying 76.5%, or even if they round up final marks. If the first one is true, then I got a B; if the second one is true then I got a B+. Either way, I'm very very happy with my mark, especially after such a shitty start (64% on a midterm worth 25% - YUCK). And for participation I got 70%; I did miss 3 classes so that makes sense.

I also got 75% on my final (worth 25%) - I wrote it in TWENTY MINUTES. I'm not even kidding you. Me a happy Sarah!

Um, that's about it, I guess. Off to watch Family Guy! :)


Heather said...

Well done to the both of you!

When you say they are revamping, you mean the coure not the actual laws it is based on?

sarah said...

I mean the actual laws (or Rules it's based on) Like, before, in Small Claims Court you could only claim up to 10,000$, but in the new rules you can claim up to 25,000$.

Kelly said...

Well done you guys! Great marks!