Saturday, May 2, 2009

Actual - Saturday

Saturday - Light housework, 20 minutes of treadmill, some weight-machines (8 x 15 reps x 3 x 2), 20 minute swim, 40 minute walk (due to crappy shoes and a blister on the bottom of my foot).

Added: 29 minutes of DDR and a 30 minute walk.

My upper arms are very much hurty right now. And Keith said he would make me a shake half an hour ago and he's still sitting so close to his screen I fear it'll swallow his head.

PS: GO CANUCKS! awww shit; chicago just scored to tie it up.

PPS: If you're wondering why I'm writing this all down, every week I have to write it down and give it to the doctor; if I don't put it here I'll forget/lose it.


Heather said...

That is HEAPS of exercise. I only do one big block of exercise a day and the dog walk on top of that.

Did the hospital give you a suggested amount to do?

Kelly said...

You make me exhausted just reading that!

I've been meaning to ask, do you make your shakes with water or milk or what? Are you still enjoying them, if enjoying is the right word?

sarah said...

the thing is I do it spread over the course of a day, so it really doesn't feel like much - somedays I'm just finishing my DDR at 1am!

I make my shakes with water. I'm only allowed to drink non-sugar & non-caloric drinks. Its a good practice to get into, but damn if I don't miss my X-Large 4x4's sometimes :(