Friday, May 29, 2009



Heather said...

That baboon baby is seriously cute and seriously ugly at the same time lol.

What kind of bear is that?

So you had fun at the zoo?

sarah said...

The baby was SUCH a ham. They were all right up against the glass and the baby would stand on the back of one of the adults and face us and jump around. It was SO cute.

And I'm not sure what kind of bear it is - it was at the Austalian/Great Barrier Reef pavilion....all I know is that it was sound asleep and DROOLING. lol.

And yes, we had fun other than getting very, very sunburnt and my feet were really sore.

Heather said...

Well that'd be weird since we dont have bears here lol.

Baboons breed quite well in Perth Zoo, they are sooo playful when there is more than one of them so I can imagine it was being a total ham.

I love zoos, I will have to go visit that one some day. Glad you enjoyed it!

sarah said...

I actually went back on the camera and found out what it was - red tree-kangaroo? Something like that.