I was born in Edmonton Alberta and have been living in Ottawa since the age of 17. In between I've lived in St. Paul, Alberta (6 years), Westbank & Kelowna, British Columbia (2 years), Nanaimo, British Columbia (5 years), Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan (1 year) and Clinton, Ontario (3 years). I am not an army brat.

I graduated from Algonquin College in June 2010 from the Law Clerk program and started my BA program at Carleton in the fall of 2010. My major is English & History with a minor in Jewish Studies.

On July 20th, 2010 I underwent gastric bypass (RnY).

Keith has lived in Ottawa since moving here for college in 1997. Born in Trenton, Ontario. Lived in Comox Valley, BC from ages 5 to 13, and then moved back to Trenton. He IS an army brat.

Holds a Business Marketing diploma from Algonquin College. Currently working full-time while going to school part-time for a Financial Management certificate while earning exemptions towards a CGA designation.

We met when we both worked for Wendy's in 2004. I was 17. He had a girlfriend. It was not meant to be.

September 2007 Keith looked me up through Facebook. We met up later that week and (as of yet) have not stopped seeing each other. We moved in together July 1, 2008 and Keith proposed on June 5, 2009. We're currently planning a wedding for October of 2011.
A puppy named Molly and a cat named Elvis make up the rest of our little family.