Friday, February 29, 2008

i want to take a bath and never get out.

Today was so bad I don't even want to acknowledge its existance. Really.

I cried.

Four times.

It cost me 3 times as much as I had originally planned.

The underside of my left foot is so sore I can't even walk on it.

I really want to say something positive to balance out the utter, absolutely, amazingly awfulness that was this day.

I don't think it's going to happen.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Today the goal is to get my room completely packed up.

Except, when did I acquire so many clothes? books? random pieces of junk?

Seriously, when?

And, oh,
did I mention? This all has to be done before 6 pm tonight.

T-3 hours and counting, my darlings.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Cinderelly, Cinderelly
Night and day it's Cinderelly
Make the fire, fix the breakfast
Wash the dishes, do the mopping
And the sweeping and the dusting
They always keep her hopping
She goes around in circles
Till she's very, very dizzy
Still they holler
Keep a-busy Cinderelly!

I wish I had some friendly furry woodland creatures to help me. That Cinderella sure is one lucky bitch.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

getting there.

Well, the oven is finally clean, the dishes are done, Elvis is gone, the fridge is practically empty (and cleaned!), all the floors are swept (still yet to be swiffered), I cried last night because I'm really worried Molly won't a) find a home, ai) remember me and b) won't love me as much afterwards, the garbage has been taken out, the laundry is in the basket, the roommate has been - much to my GREAT relief - gone all day and most of the night (he just got home and already I can feel my anger rising - if he so much as dirties a fucking knife, I'm liable to castrate him with it), and I got to see my Mr. Random today.

Still need to do some touchups in the bathroom (the sink and the mirror are, yet again, dirty), and empty Elvis' litter box for good. once emptied and cleaned, it makes a handy little packing box - ta da!

Debating whether to stay up and clean some more or just go to bed and get up early tomorrow to finish....the latter is a more likely scenario though.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Recap

Molly on the couch sleeping with her Duckie on Saturday

Well, I just finished yet another busy and social filled weekend, much to my surprise - I'm not the most social of people so whenever I have daily outings or people over it still surprises me quite a bit.

Friday Skittles came over with a few movies to help me babysit Brooke - he has 7?ish nephews/nieces, of which he practically raised 2, so he has PLENTY of experience with babies, whereas I do not. Plus there was the issue of the dog - Molly is totally devoted to me so she was dealing with some jealousy issues (my focus was on the baby and she definitely knew it) and sleeps where I am; Brooke didn't have a crib and any attempts to move her to her playpen resulted in a very awake baby, so Skittles slept in my bed next to her and I crashed on the couch.

Brooke was such a cute little angel to babysit though! Didn't cry for more than 2 seconds at a time (except for once when she wanted her bottle and she had to wait for us to make it), and didn't fuss with sleeping or diaper changing (much to her mothers surprise!). Would definitely babysit her again! :) Although I did have a few problems - we put her down just after 9 and, at 10:30, I went in to try to move her to her playpen.....WOOOPS! She ended up staying awake until just before 1am. And the first time I tried to make a bottle I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to properly put on a liner. First one I tried, I filled it up with milk and didn't realize the bottle didn't have a bottom so it fell right out on the floor - the second one, I didn't seal it properly so when I went to test it on my wrist, it leaked everywhere. Then, I put it on the wrong end of the bottle so the nipple wouldn't screw on...I finally got it figured out though and after that, it was a breeze! lol.

Shawn brought over 3 movies for us to watch - Labyrith, Happy Feet and Rent (always a favourite!). We finished the first two on Friday and watched Rent on Saturday. Brooke left at about 1, and K.02 got here about 3. The three of us just hung out for a while and watched half of the movie Go. Then Skittles left and K.02 and I just lazed around the house until we decided to go for dinner at 7. It felt SO NICE to get out of the house and away from my worries at the moment and just enjoy a good meal with good conversation. Thank you sweetie!

When we got back to my place and settled in with dessert (Nestle Chocolate Drumsticks, courtesy of the local Loblaws), K.02 picked up the article my mom sent me, handed it to me and told me to ask him a question off it! I was so surprised! So we passed a pleasant hour or two taking turns asking each other questions and trading ideas of how we would ideally want our life to turn out like. *big grin* Went to bed pretty early - midnight, although I do remember both of us barely waking up a couple of times throughout the night and reaching for each other for kisses and cuddling. Woke up at 6 (totally the dogs fault), snuggled up close and dozed in and out until about 9. He left around 10 because he had to work :(

I went back to bed until 3, and at 8 headed over to my friends - every Sunday we (my friend and her live-in boyfriend, Skittles and I and now occasionally K.02) try to get together to play a board game. This week it was Risk, and we ended up playing two games until 3am....Skittles (who NEVER loses) lost both games spectactularly and we teased him about it all night long. It was pretty fun. I slept over last night because I missed the last bus home, and was out the door by 9:50 to make a doctors appointment at 10:20 at the school (I'm on Reading Break for the next week, YAY!). Got a prescription for WellButrin - for my anxiety, depression, ADD and, as an offshoot, it's used as a cessation drug for smoking as well. I start taking it tomorrow.

So that was pretty much my weekend; this week is also busy - I have to clean (yeah, all my hard work last week? Didn't mean jacksh*t - roommate destroyed it all within a 72 hour period....GAAAAAAH!!!), Molly goes for her last set of shots tomorrow, I have to go to the courthouse for a Crim assignment, packing, cleaning, packing, and then the move on Friday! Everything is set up for that except for a home for Molly for the month :( I'm working on it though....

How was your weekend? What did you do?

Sunday, February 24, 2008


A quick question:

So, when calculating relationship length, do you just count the months, like Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, making it 6 months?

Or do you use this little counting method:
sept to oct = 1
oct to nov = 1
nov to dec= 1
dec to jan = 1
jan to feb = 1
making it 5?

Please help, me so confused!

PS: Although, the focus shouldn't be on quantity of time spent with the person, it should be on quality of time spent. Right? ;)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Come again?

I lay down for a nap today (sometimes a girl just deserves a mid-day snooze) and Molly snuggled right in. How could I resist taking a picture?

Every so often, my mom will send me newspaper clippings - you know, the usual mom stuff; "Lose Weight" "Quit Smoking" "The Dangers of Smoking" "Taking better care of yourself" , family pictures, and sometimes even news on whats happened to old high school I got one of such letters.

It contained Pauls funeral card (I managed to hold back the tears), a couple pictures from Christmas, an article & a pamphlet on tips to quit smoking and one on a topic that's never, in all my 21 years of living, even remotely come up. Guess what it was titled? "Get to know your spouse before you tie the knot" - it was an article on all the questions/discussions you should have with your significant other before starting to plan the wedding.

Um, what?

17 weeks!

Happy five months baby!

Somethin' is goin' on,
I can't explain but sure can touch:
It's callin' both of us.
Stronger than any fear or doubt,
It's changin' everything I see:
It's changin' you, it's changin' me.

Holdin' you close, chasin' that moon.
Spinnin' all night,
Lovin' just who you are:
Sparks flyin' in the dark.
Shootin' down lights, runnin' down dreams,
Figurin' out what love really means:
Baby, givin' you my heart,
Is a real fine place to start.
- Sara Evans, "A Real Fine Place To Start"

Thursday, February 21, 2008

K.02 + her = <3 baby.

How long have you and your significant other been together? * 5 months tomorrow!!
Who eats more? * I think that would be me.
Who said I love you first? * He did, by a couple of months.
Who is taller? *He is, by a very small margin of four inches.
Who sings better? * I do.
Who is smarter? * Smartness is relative.
Who does the laundry? * Well, considering we aren't living together, I do my own and his parents do his. Spoiled boy!
Who does the dishes? * ooh, can I just answer these as if we were living together? I think I'd be doing them because I get home from school before he gets home from work.
Who pays the bills? * The Rogers bill is in my name, the phone bill is in his; he pays for his extra sports channel package and I contribute my fair share. And we split the rent right down the middle.
Who mows the lawn? * We don't have a lawn to mow! Ahh, the beauty of apartment living.
Who cooks dinner? * Lol, thats one aspect we haven't figured out yet. I think we'll be pretty much equal.
Who drives when you are together? * Um, neither of us drive.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? * At his place, I do, and my place, he does.
Who is more stubborn? * I am, by FAR.
Who is the first to admit when they're wrong? * Well, in the only "fight" we've had, he was the one definitely in the wrong (he said something incredibly, incredibly hurtful and I cried) - he apologized so much I had to tell him to stop lol.
Whose parents do you see the most? * His, they live one building over.
Who kissed who first? * I think I did?
Who proposed? * We haven't gotten to that point yet.
Who is more sensitive? * Don't really think either of us are particularly sensitive?
Who has more friends? * I do, but he plays on a hockey team every Friday.
Who has more siblings? * Mine's so complicated, oh god. Um, if we're being completely technical, I suppose I do - I have 5 and he has 3. Untechnically, he does - I just have 2.
Who wears the pants in the family? * I just asked him this and, after pulling a little macho man routine, he admitted that we both do and (I quote) "That's what makes it so great". Aww!

Busy bee

So far today I've picked up another months supply of birth control, did a 65$ shop which was purely cleaning supplies, booked a doctors appointment for the 4th of March, checked the mail, thrown in a load of laundry with another one waiting, put away the dishes and did another 2 loads, cleaned the stovetop, scrubbed the kitchen countertops, taken out countless bags of garbage, swept the living room, my room and the foyer (each) thrice, cleaned out the fridge, changed the kitty litter, picked up in the living room, cleaned my room and applied for a bursary.

Not bad for only being up since 9am!

I still have to do all the floors with the Swiffer, finish the laundry, clean out behind the kitchen garbage, organize all the plastic grocery bags, wipe down all the kitchen cupboards, put away the dishes I just did, clean the entire bathroom and throw out my old printer and monitor. I'm sure I'll find something else that has to be done along the way.

ooooh, is that chocolate? Why yes, it is. I dare think I deserve some...

PS: My back is killing me.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


"When i was with [insert name of ex-girlfriend here], i would look at other girls and wanna do things with them (typical male) but i dont with you and havent since we started."



*ahem* Is anyone else finding it a little hot in here?

Really? You sure? I swear, its boiling. You don't feel that?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You Know....

You know you've reached adulthood

......when your Friday night plans include babysitting your friends 11.5 month old baby girl overnight instead of going to a bar.


PS: Anyone have any tips on how I'm going to pull this off?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Conversation with Mom

So my mom surprised me yet again when I finally told her about my relationship with K.02. Asked me all about him and then concluded he sounded like a real winner, much to my relief. He might be coming up for Easter or sometime in May (we celebrate the burial of my Grandma then) to meet the entire family....yikes! I sure hope he's up for it, lol.

In other family news, my sister suddenly and unexpectedly just left home on Saturday. She's only 18 and still has a semester of high school to finish - my mom is in total shock about the entire thing as my sister gave no hints or anything, just announced on Saturday that all her things were packed and her friends were going to pick her up shortly. I can't believe my sister would be so foolish to risk everything four months before she graduates - I mean, if she feels that she needs to take a break from my mother, thats not my place to say. But if she screws up her schooling while she's on this little freedom kick....

I just don't want what happened to me to happen to her - it's been 5 years since I left and I'm *just* starting to get everything sorted out and get my feet back underneath me. I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone, much less my baby sister....I'm worried about her.

Family Day & a Question

Ugh. I'm up way too early after going to bed at 2:30am. And its Ontario's newest statutory holiday today so that means I have free reign to sleep in, and I'm wasting it. :(

It's Family Day today, a completely fabricated statutory holiday by our provincial government (I think it was an election promise?). Every third Monday in February from now on is a day off to, well, celebrate our families. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't we already have Christmas to do that?

It seems that one of the reasons for creating a public holiday in February is because (and I quote) "The time between New Years and Easter is long and people need a rest." Um, okay. I guess that makes sense.....or something. I really don't know, and I really don't care; it's a day off from school and as long as I remember that bus service is horrendous and 98% of retail stores are closed, we should get through this day just fine.

There's some questions of etiquette I'm wondering about though - do I call my family and wish them a "Happy Family Day"? Should I have sent a card? Flowers? A small gift of appreciation? Oh, wait, I'm thinking of Christmas again.

I wonder if next year the commerialism bandwagon will have jumped on board to turn this into a complete farce like Valentine's Day has become. That would be interesting to see.

All in all, I think I'd rather head down to the land below us and take advantage of all the President Day sales. Blast not having money or a car. Blast.

PS: Anyone have any tips (especially those who have a slight understanding of how, um, 'different' my mother is) on how to tell my mom about K.02? She doesn't even know I'm dating anyone - how do I bring up and explain the subject that I've been seeing this guy for 6 months, its getting serious, and I think it's time to start thinking of introducing him to the clan? How do I do this without her flipping out or thinking I'm just a foolish little girl who doesn't know the first thing about serious relationships? (Which is true, incidentially, but she doesn't need to think that, if you get my drift).
So, guys, any tips/advice? Greatly appreciate it if you have anything at all, because I'm really stumped - thanks!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Meme #3

From Heather
About You

What is your name? * Sarah
How old are you? * 21
When is your birthday? * Feb 1st.
Are you looking forward to it? * Not yet
Why? * I just had it two weeks ago!
Are you happy? * Yes; sometimes I actually have to pinch myself.
What makes you happiest? * Gazing into K.02's eyes, getting good marks on a project/exam.
Are you afraid of something? * Horror movies. Hate 'em.
Do you live alone, or with someone else? * With someone else.
Who? * Roommate. That changes in two weeks though.
Do you have any pets? * Yeah - Molly the dog & Elvis the cat.
What is your favorite cartoon? * Family Guy.
Have you ever hit a deer? Nope, thank god. Those do so much damage to your car.
Do you drink? * Occasionally
Do you prefer beer or liquor? * Really depends on my mood. I love sitting back on a patio in the summer with a pitcher of brew and just watching the world go by. But I also love going to a dance club and doing the whole cocktail-and-shots routine.
What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? * Sprite.
What kind of cell phone do you have? *LG; I love that brand.
Do you like it? * Yep. Shore do!
What is the funniest word you ever heard? * Erm, I'll take a pass on this one
Do you hate it when people call you "dear"? * No, because no one does?
To whom have you sent the most text messages? * The Ex-Roommie.
What did you do for New Year's Eve? * Drove from Mt. Tremblant in Quebec to Dorval to drop off my brother at the airport (we got up at 3 or 4am) and then onto Ottawa, cleaned my entire apartment, bought a bed, did a major grocery shop, endured my Mom having a meltdown then went to see Juno and almost made it to the fireworks downtown in time but not really.
Were there lots of pictures? * None at all.
What is your favorite movie? * There's a couple, but I adore adore adore Pride & Prejudice.
What is your favourite song? * Its on a constant rotating basis, but I'm loving Let's Talk About Love by Jessie Farrell, Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) by Mika, In God's Hands by Nelly Furtado, Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) by The Dixie Chicks, I'll Cover You from the Rent Soundtrack, Another Side of You by Joe Nichols, As If by Sara Evans, Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts, The Wedding Song by Tracy Chapman, Fast Car by the Wilkinsons, Inner Smile by Texas, I'm Sorry by Buckcherry, and Don't Know Why by Michael Buble & Norah Jones. Oh yeah.
What concerts do you want to see in 2008? * I don't know.
Do you have any tattoos? * Yes, two.
What is your favorite place to chill out? * My room/K.02's place.
What is your favorite song to play on guitar hero? * Freebirrrrrd! But really, "Carry On Wayward Son" is my favourite.
Do you work out? * Not really. Just another thing that's going to change very shortly though!
Do you wear any jewelry? * Now I do! :-)
What is your favorite memory of the past couple of years? * Probably this Christmas?
What is your goal for the year? * Lose weight, manage my finances better, raise a well-behaved puppy and keep working on and deepening my relationship with K.02
What do you think about when you first wake up? * It's a mix between "What time is it?" and "UGH, MOLLY, hold on, I'll feed you - just let me get out of bed!".
Do you shower daily? * Every second day or so.
...alone? * Mostly
Have you ever eaten sushi? Yes.
Did you like it? * Of course. mmmm, so delish!
List three things you can't live without: * Music, friends, laptop :P
What is your best physical feature? * My eyes, my smile.
What is your middle name? * Wylie.
Do you get choked up during dramatic movies? * Rarely
What is your biggest pet peeve? * Going to get a glass of chilled water and discovering the jug is empty.
Have you ever liked someone that all of your friends hate? * Probably.
Is there anything that you regret? * Not really.
Do you want children? * Yessir!
How many? * Three or four.
Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? * Nope
What is your favorite number? * 13 and 42.
What is your favorite sports team? * The Blue Jackets, which, incidentially, is K.02's hockey team ;-)
What is your most over-used phrase? * "You're a whore" or "OH BITCH!!!" (when I hurt myself that's what I automatically say).

You & The Better Half

You and your other half: * Are crazy about being with each other.
Did you get over your ex, or are you over him/her?: * Yes. Thanks. *backs away slowly*
Are you currently with someone? * Yessiree bob!
Do you love him/her? * More than anything or anyone I've ever loved in my entire life.
Who said "I love you" first? * He did, by about a month and a half or so.
Where? * In my bed while we were cuddling after sex.
Would you date your ex again? * Nope, they are ex's for a reason
What is your longest relationship? * I've made it to the 6.5 month mark before; but I'm 100% sure this relationship will surpass that.
What is your most significant relationship? * K.02.
What is the most romantic thing a significant other can do? * Don't say anything, just hold me.
Do you like pet names? * Yeah, sure.
Do you have any? * Not yet. lol. He just calls me sweetie.
Is there anything that you won't tolerate in a relationship? * Abuse.
Do you believe in living together before engagement/marriage? * Sure, why not. I really don't care about it one way or the other.
Where did you meet your significant other? * We met at Wendy's where we both worked.
Have you ever broken up? * Yeah, I ended it completely once and then made another half-hearted attempt in the early stages of the relationship, but obviously they didn't stick!
Have you ever had your heart broken? * Yeah, once.
Have you ever broken someone's heart? * Probably....I think I broke K.02's when I ended it the first time.
What is your significant other's birthday? November
What is your anniversary? * September 22nd.
Does this person know you better than anyone else? No, that honour is reserved for Skittles.
Is this person younger than you? * Sure isn't - he's 9 years older.
Where was your first date? * We just hung out at his place and talked.
Would you marry this person? * He's gotta ask first!
Are you happy with your sex life? * mmmm. dare I say it? He's the best I've ever had.
Who is "your" band? * We don't have one....?
What is "your" song? * Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts is the song I think about when I think about us.
Do you think you'll be together for a long time? * Wholeheartedly.
Do you lay in bed and cuddle a lot? * Yeah, all the time.
Where was the last place you went together? * Um...I think it was downtown for my birthday?
Do you do a lot of surveys? * I try to every Sunday!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


At this point in my life
I'd like to live as if only love mattered
As if redemption was in sight
As if the search to live honestly
Is all that anyone needs
No matter if you find it
- Tracy Chapman, "At This Point in My Life"

Friday, February 15, 2008


Pictures of my birthday gifts from Skittles, as promised. These are taken off my camera phone.

The necklace. Gorgeous! I don't know how it got mentioned
but Skittles made a hint about it being real diamonds; I totally flipped out on him.

The jewelled fairy keychain. I think it's the perfect blend of whimsical and girly, don't you?

And this is the Celtic knot ring he got me - SO PRETTY!
At first I thought it was turning my finger green, much to Skittles' disappointment - its supposed to be pure silver - but upon examination of my finger it turns out it was just bruising it (most likely because I don't wear rings at all).

Amazing Day.

Well my Valentine's Day turned out to be so much more than I ever expected it could be!

To my surprise K.02 took a sick day (poor guy, he really is sick though) and caught me just as I was heading out the door to my midterm. Quickly made plans to go from my midterm straight to his place, which was a nice unexpected surprise, I wasn't planning on being able to spend any time with him today :) And then I got a flash of doubt and worried that he would think we were seeing too much of each other and feel smothered, (we've seen each other every other day this week) but it was just me being silly.

Spent a couple of hours hanging out with my Tarzan, which is always a joy. Also rode the bus I'll be riding to and from school once I start living with him - its about a 50 minute bus ride, holy frig lol.

Got home by 3:30 totally exhausted *wink* - but then Skittles walked in my front door about a half hour later!! I missed that boy so much, I haven't seen or talked to him since my birthday. He gave me my birthday gifts today, which I wasn't expecting (I wasn't even expecting anything at all)! And they're AMAZING birthday gifts - I got a real diamond circle necklace, a silver celtic knot ring and a jewelled fairy pendant keychain which is so pretty!! I was (still am, in fact) totally blown away by all of it - the necklace is my first piece of actual real jewellery. I'll post pictures tomorrow when I'm not so tired and I can be assed turning on a light, lol.

Then I hung out for the rest of the night with Skittles; did some grocery shopping for him and then he took me out to dinner and a movie for Valentines. We went to a Chinese buffet restaurant and stuffed ourselves silly and then went and saw the movie Jumper. It's surprisingly good for an action flick, I really enjoyed it!

*sigh. What a perfect day. Thank you darlings for making it so. I love you both so much. <3

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Day

Happy Valentines Day!

Huggles to everyone!!!
So tell me, what are your big Valentines Day plans? Mine are writing a Crim midterm this morning and then I'm planning over to go over to Skittles' to figure out moving in two weeks. K.02 and I are celebrating this Saturday and the 22nd, which is our 5-month anniversary. Woo!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My First Tag!

I was tagged by Kamie!

Here is how it works:
Pick up the nearest book (one of at least 123 pages)
Open the page to 123.
Find the 5th sentence.
Post the next 3 sentences
Tag 5 people.

Alright, closest book to me is Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood by Koren Zailckas

"At first, I don't think my drinking concerns her so much as it makes her feel rejected. Wendi, who has little experience drinking before college, is just now learning that alcohol is the tie that binds. I think she's envious of the way that drinking allies Tess and me."

I tag Heather & KB.

Paul Sanders

I didn't want to post this before but today its actually hitting me (quite hard) that he's gone.

Tragedy Reveals Unbelievable Beauty - Two Students Die at Canadian Catholic College
By John-Henry Westen

"If anyone was prepared to die, it was these two"

BARRY'S BAY, ON, February 5, 2008 ( - Lent began a few days early at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy (OLSWA), a Catholic college in Barry's Bay Ontario, renowned as one of the most faithful Catholic colleges in the nation. Two students drowned in a tragic accident after a minivan they were traveling in on a frozen lake broke through the ice. The two who died were the founder and the most enthusiastic supporters of the newly established pro-life club at the college.

On Saturday afternoon, four students drove to a neighboring town, using a shortcut that took them across the ice. The students, who were not locals, would have often seen cars and trucks driving on the lake to get to fish huts.

The minivan broke through the ice and the driver and another passenger managed to escape the rapidly sinking vehicle and scramble to a nearby abandoned cottage. The two remaining passengers, Paul Sanders, 24, of Mitchell Ontario and Janine Lieu, 22, of Vancouver British Columbia, were identified as deceased by local police on February 5th, after divers retrieved their bodies.

The real story, however, is not so much the immediate tragedy, but the impact that these two young people had on their friends, their teachers and the community where they lived out their last days. Their goodness shone so strongly that by their presence they served as a corrective for peers and professors alike.'s interviews with friends and professors, the writings of the students themselves, and local clergy who knew them, all speak to the same conclusion: The students who died were outstanding in their faith lives and their commitment to the culture of life. If anyone was prepared to die, it was these two.

An Intelligent, Holy, and Joyful Pair

Professor John Paul Meenan, who taught the pair daily, describes Paul Sanders as, "A very talented young man, who loved the truth, loved to learn, asked questions, was inquisitive, was always upbeat." He was, says Meenan, "A joyful person who picked everybody's spirits up. He had attractive quirks. The way he dressed was very funky, the way he acted."

Meenan notes that Sanders was considering the priesthood, and his entrance essay showed his interest in joining the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. One of the last personal conversations Meenan had with Sanders was with a couple of other students who were discerning vocations to the priesthood. "Paul was well on his way to holiness," says Meenan. "He radiated an attractive quality in the true sense of the word, a purity of soul, a humility."

Of Janine Lieu, Meenan says, "She's one of the purest, most prayerful people I've ever met. Quiet, demure, completely faithful to her prayer life, she was in the Church all the time, prayed the office, meditated." She was also, adds Meenan "very, very talented."

"She was so quiet in class that at times you'd wonder what was going through her head," he says. "But when I got essays from her, or exams, they were stellar. There was a depth there that you could never comprehend. She really did think about things and dwelt on them. She would have been one of our top students - at the top."

"Everybody that met Janine was touched by her, even though she didn't say much.

"You had to ask her to speak up in class. She was always so quiet and would talk in a whisper. Yet behind that was an indomitable will and a very deep soul."

Sanders is remembered by his peers for his infectious joie de vivre. Rebecca Mombouquette, an Academy student who knew both Sanders and Lieu, told, of Sanders, "I think all of us would just laugh in remembering him, he's so quirky. He brought such cheer and happiness to everything he did."

A housemate with Lieu, Mombouquette recalls Lieu as "a beautiful young woman totally filled with love for God. She profoundly impacted all of us through her example of humility. She was very shy and quiet but she had a radiant smile and personality that shone forth in everything she did."

Mombourquette notes that Lieu and Sanders were the motivation behind the beginning of a pro-life club at the Academy this year. "They organized rosaries and speakers and were definitely the power behind this group."

"They are two prayer warriors, constant in perseverance and trust in God."

Both Touched Many Lives Beyond Their Family and College

Beyond their families and the college, the pair touched many lives. Even before official reports of his death were published, a Facebook page in honor of Sanders was set up, where friends shared their memories.

Gilles K. Urquhart from Winnipeg Manitoba wrote, "I teach at the Catholic School of Evangelization in St Malo Manitoba, where Paul came for a year. I got to know him then and I think he was one of the most devout and loving young people I have ever met. His holiness shone through as a witness to anyone who met him. He was a man of prayer, faith and love. May we all learn from his example of such great love for Jesus. St Paul Sanders pray for us. We will miss you."

Rachel Dupuis, also of Winnipeg, wrote, "When I first heard about this, the first thing that crossed my mind was....How can I make him a canonized saint!? But you're already a saint in my mind Paul. You always were. . . . I loved your music and your openness to sharing your faith with me directly from your heart. but I can't help but be happy for you........CONGRATULATIONS!! you made it!! you're only 24, but you've already made it to the ultimate goal! You've met JESUS! I'm so jealous! you lucky bum. it's sad that you won't be coming back to Winnipeg to visit, but I'm expecting you to pray for me always."

In addition to her studies, prayer life, and work on the pro-life group, Lieu often visited the local nursing home to give comfort and company to the residents. OLSWA student Kelly Sanders (no relation to Paul), a close friend of Lieu's, accompanied Lieu on many of these visits. "Janine would bend over and hug and kiss the elderly who were too sick to move and talk."

Students compared Lieu's spirituality to that of St. Therese of Liseux. In one description of Lieu, reminiscent of the saint known as 'the little flower', Kelly Sanders recalled, "She did the regular Academy chores and cleaned the three bathrooms in the Academy each day. I would often see her with rubber gloves on, a pail filled with cleaning supplies, a garbage bag in her hand, and a smile on her face."

The Academy President David Warner commented that, "While the college, and indeed, the surrounding community, was shocked and saddened at the news, the sadness at the college is pervaded with a hope and even a joy at the near knowledge that these two souls, so close to God on earth, are bound to be with Him in Glory." Warner added, "The support of the local community and churches has been amazing to behold. Condolences and promises of prayer have arrived from around the world."

For a Catholic college of this caliber, the faith, and thus the afterlife, is a reality beyond question. Professor Meenan is not shy about pointing this out publicly: "I'm going to continue talking with them," he says of Sanders and Lieu. "I'm going to tell the students they're more real now than they were when they were alive."

A Possible Vocation and a Strange Coincidence

Both Lieu and Sanders had spent time at Madonna House, prior to going to OLSWA. Lieu was, at the time of the accident, on her way to spiritual direction with Rev. Robert Pelton, one of the priests of Madonna House. Fr. Pelton told that Lieu was planning to enter religious life as a nun. He summarized his thoughts on Lieu, telling, "She is a woman who is going to meet a Lord she was very well acquainted with."

In his entrance essay to OLSWA, Sanders wrote of his parents as the ones who instructed him and endeared him to faith. “They are the ones fundamentally responsible for what I have become (what I am striving to become) in Christ,” he wrote. “To them I am eternally grateful.”

Several students commented to about the uncanny fact that a day prior to their deaths, the students were in a class discussing just that - death. Professor Meenan's class discussed what is known in Catholic teaching as 'the four last things'. He recalled giving the example of getting into a motorcycle accident, encouraging the students to think about what would be going through their minds at the time of death. "We have a certain number of heartbeats left in this life," he recalled telling the students. "For all you know you could die tomorrow."

Last Wednesday, three days prior to the accident, Catholic author Michael O'Brien was at the local church - St. Hedwig's - and both Sanders and Lieu were in queue for the confessionals before him. O'Brien told, "As I was looking at the two of them I kept thinking: these are both very deeply devout Catholic young people and yet their temperaments and their cultures are radically different. I was really touched by them, the way they went to confession so beautifully." There was he said, a "stark contrast yet a unity in the spirit." O'Brien concluded, "They were Catholics on fire for the faith, each in their way."

OLSWA Professor Scott Nicholson was called on to identify the bodies of the victims. He told that even in death their faces were "prayerful, peaceful and composed."

Rest In Peace, Paul. (1983-2008)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I dislike my roommate intensely. Not as a person, but as a roommate. He makes me feel as though I'm a maid in my own home -- I pay equal rent and more than my share of the bills!! Once I asked him to do the dishes while I cleaned everything else in the apartment. They sat there for another week and a half until I finally gave up and did them myself. So aggrevating!!

And the only other time he 'cleaned' was when Molly got into some paper products and tore them apart on the living room floor. Guess what he did? Took a broom and swept all of Molly's toys (which are tucked away beside the side of the couch) plus whatever was on the floor, mixing them together and then leaving all of it as a pile on the opposite side of the room. O.M.G!!!!!! What was the thought process with that move?? It just made more work for me - today I had to spend 10 minutes bent over sorting through what was garbage and what was toy. Totally unnessecary!

This weekend he had a friend over from Friday to Monday afternoon. They hung out in the living room pretty much the entire time and ate enormous meals (which they didn't as much throw out a wrapper--heaven forbid they do the dishes they ate off, which are mine, incidentally, because he doesn't have any). And guess whos stuck cleaning up after them on Tuesday? *grits teeth*

So far I've done the dishes and cleaned the living room. I've got to do the rest of the kitchen and the dining room, plus my room is looking kinda scattered. Never you mind I have a midterm tomorrow at 8am that I still need to study for and K.02 is coming over later tonight (granted, it is to help me study).

And its not just the cleaning either. At the end of January I found out he hadn't even paid January's rent, meaning that amount came off the credit I have on the apartment. Problem is, I CAN'T AFFORD TO THROW AWAY FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTY DOLLARS TO PAY FOR HIS DUMB ASS! I need that for the next months rent so I can actually afford to live somewhere!! Thankfully it was fixed; but again...why was it even an issue in the first place?
Other thing is the Rogers bill - the cable and internet we get. He's bitching that because he can't connect to the Internet that he shouldn't have to pay. Um...listen buddy, I've been stuck without a computer for weeks at a time this month, never you mind about the Internet, and I'm still paying my half of the bill. Novel concept that, no?! And you've been tapping into unsecured networks for free anyways, so its not like you've actually been stuck without internet!!

And then its the little things; constant smoke-bumming without repayment, constant stream of people in the apartment, stuff like that. Although he seems to have calmed down with the guests, thank god. And he's lost his keys this week, so he's been buzzing in. But that worries me because its a fob plus apartment key. Who knows whats going to cost to replace? (Seriously, you really think he's going to pay it? Yeah right.)

Two more weeks and I'm so out of here. Don't know where I'm going yet, but anywhere is better than what I've got going on here.

Okay, done venting, back to cleaning. Ugh.

Monday, February 11, 2008


My favourite picture from my birthday affair.
I love this guy. So much.

PS: Being told by the man that you love that he can't wait to kiss your belly when you're pregnant may induce non-stop smiling and other general emotions too big to describe properly. These effects can last years after utterance of said statement. :D

New Toy!

I got my shiny brand new laptop today!!! Finally! After long endless months of waiting I finally have a computer to call my own and to clutter up with data as I see fit. And the best thing about it? It was Free.

Although it seems as though all my music files and photos weren't saved from my old computer. I'm really sad about that; especially my music. I had quite an extensive collection, carefully harvested from friends and downloads over the course of a year and a half.

There's something exciting in the works concerning my love life, but nothing's official yet and I'm really, really, really trying to keep it to myself until it is. But oh! It's so hard; I feel like bursting out my skin with happiness. This constant massive grin on my face is starting to hurt my cheeks!

*insert beaming smile here*

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Love Notes

I was going to post some incredibly sweet romantic love notes K.02 has given to me over the past week, but someone is being a spoilsport. :P

All I can say, though, is that it really should be illegal to be this happy. It certainly can't be healthy to be this much in love......can it?

PS: For the record, I am not the sappy one. Am not am not am not!! *stamps foot* lol.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Meme #2

Taken from Heather.

Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following. They have to be real places, names, things...nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person you got it off had the same 1st Initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question...

What is your name: Sarah
Four letter word: Suck
Vehicle: Subaru
City: Saskatoon
Girls Name: Stephanie
Alcoholic Drink: Screwdriver
Occupation: Social Worker
Something you wear: Socks
Celebrity: Susan Sarandon
Food: Sausage
Something found in the Bathroom: Shampoo
Reason for being late: Slow moving traffic
Cartoon Character: Superman
Something you shout: Swear Words
Colour: Sky blue
Movie: Serendipity

Friday, February 1, 2008

Birthday Fun

It's my birthday!! Three cheers for my mother!

In honour of my special day, here's 21 random facts about yours truly:

1) I was supposed to be born on January 24th, 1987. I arrived 8 days late.

2) My birthmother had me at home with a midwife. Without drugs. In 1987. She told me once that the contractions were so bad she tried to climb the headboard. As in - if she could somehow climb to the ceiling like Spiderman, the pain would stop.

3) I am my birthmothers first child. I am also the first daughter in my adoptive family, and the first granddaughter for my fathers parents.

4) I don't believe in the idea that your significant other has to be your absolute best friend. I think it's healthy(er?) to have a completely separate person to fulfill that function.

5) I posted a note on my water jug this morning stating "If you drink from this, fill it up. If you don't fill it up, DON'T DRINK FROM IT!!!!" Some people need their morning coffee, I need my chilled water. It's an incredible piss-off to come out in the morning and the jug is empty on the counter.

6) I've been meaning to ask how the U.S. election process works. Whats with all these candidates? What are the purpose of the primaries? Can someone please just enlighten me? I get all my U.S. political news via the oh-so-incredibly-sexy-and-hilarious Jon Stewart. So I'm lacking in a whole side of the viewpoint. Say, like, the right one?

7) I've also been meaning to ask questions about the LDS faith on all the blogs I lurk at. But there's really no way to ask politely in a comment on a post, and, well, I'm shy. Which is why I lurk. So I'm gonna ask them here: Whats a ward? Why do you only go to temple occasionally? Whats with the husbands giving blessings? Why can't females give blessings? Or can they? There's more, but those are the ones that came off the top of my head.

8) I'm going to miss George W. Bush. Just because, when hes gone, what is everyone going to make fun of? I laugh daily because of that guy. Ah, shucks....thanks Georgie, its been a gas. Literally.

9) I have this very unique and quirky talent that even if I've never, ever, ever heard the song lyrics to a song before, I can usually sing along to it correctly.

10) I sleep on my stomach. I also don't really like to be touched while I'm half-asleep. A couple of ex-boyfriends have had their heads nearly bitten off when they've attempted this. Sorry guys.

11) I also have this really annoying habit of listening to the same song on repeat for hours. This is going to get me killed one day. I just know it.

12) I played a KENO scratch and win ticket today because it was my birthday and was ONE scratch number from winning the grand prize of 50,000$. Damn marketing ploys. *shakes fist*

13) I want to name my first girl child Wylie Grace. Wylie is my middle name. It was also my birthmothers maiden name. I think hopefully pray that by the time I have children no one will remember Wile.E. Coyote, because that's who was constantly referred to when I told people my middle name. Eventually I quit telling people.

14) I was baptized into the Catholic faith at the age of 16.

15) I have 2 tattoos. One is on my left breast and the other is on my left wrist. The one on my breast is a red heart with two 10-week old black baby feet inside. I like to tell people I had a black guys baby and watch their reactions.
In reality, the 10-week old baby feet is a symbol of the pro-life movement. I've wanted the tattoo since I was 15-16 years old. Right now I'm considering getting a black-and-white portrait of Marilyn Monroe done on my back. I also have 6 facial piercings.

16) If I'm greeting you for the first time that day, no matter what time of day it is, I will greet you with "Good Morning". Don't ask me why I do this, except to jolt people out of their comfortable daily routines just a little bit.

17) I think it's important not to only tell your significant other that you love them but that you're in love with them. And a healthy dose of lust doesn't hurt either. *wink*

18) Coming up with 21 facts about oneself is hard.

19) My favourite flowers are yellow roses.

20) I don't really want to go to the U.S. Ever. It's just not appealing to me...except for New York City. That's pretty much the only place in the US I want to go to. I think I'm a snob.

21) I can't think of any more.