Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Recap

Molly on the couch sleeping with her Duckie on Saturday

Well, I just finished yet another busy and social filled weekend, much to my surprise - I'm not the most social of people so whenever I have daily outings or people over it still surprises me quite a bit.

Friday Skittles came over with a few movies to help me babysit Brooke - he has 7?ish nephews/nieces, of which he practically raised 2, so he has PLENTY of experience with babies, whereas I do not. Plus there was the issue of the dog - Molly is totally devoted to me so she was dealing with some jealousy issues (my focus was on the baby and she definitely knew it) and sleeps where I am; Brooke didn't have a crib and any attempts to move her to her playpen resulted in a very awake baby, so Skittles slept in my bed next to her and I crashed on the couch.

Brooke was such a cute little angel to babysit though! Didn't cry for more than 2 seconds at a time (except for once when she wanted her bottle and she had to wait for us to make it), and didn't fuss with sleeping or diaper changing (much to her mothers surprise!). Would definitely babysit her again! :) Although I did have a few problems - we put her down just after 9 and, at 10:30, I went in to try to move her to her playpen.....WOOOPS! She ended up staying awake until just before 1am. And the first time I tried to make a bottle I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to properly put on a liner. First one I tried, I filled it up with milk and didn't realize the bottle didn't have a bottom so it fell right out on the floor - the second one, I didn't seal it properly so when I went to test it on my wrist, it leaked everywhere. Then, I put it on the wrong end of the bottle so the nipple wouldn't screw on...I finally got it figured out though and after that, it was a breeze! lol.

Shawn brought over 3 movies for us to watch - Labyrith, Happy Feet and Rent (always a favourite!). We finished the first two on Friday and watched Rent on Saturday. Brooke left at about 1, and K.02 got here about 3. The three of us just hung out for a while and watched half of the movie Go. Then Skittles left and K.02 and I just lazed around the house until we decided to go for dinner at 7. It felt SO NICE to get out of the house and away from my worries at the moment and just enjoy a good meal with good conversation. Thank you sweetie!

When we got back to my place and settled in with dessert (Nestle Chocolate Drumsticks, courtesy of the local Loblaws), K.02 picked up the article my mom sent me, handed it to me and told me to ask him a question off it! I was so surprised! So we passed a pleasant hour or two taking turns asking each other questions and trading ideas of how we would ideally want our life to turn out like. *big grin* Went to bed pretty early - midnight, although I do remember both of us barely waking up a couple of times throughout the night and reaching for each other for kisses and cuddling. Woke up at 6 (totally the dogs fault), snuggled up close and dozed in and out until about 9. He left around 10 because he had to work :(

I went back to bed until 3, and at 8 headed over to my friends - every Sunday we (my friend and her live-in boyfriend, Skittles and I and now occasionally K.02) try to get together to play a board game. This week it was Risk, and we ended up playing two games until 3am....Skittles (who NEVER loses) lost both games spectactularly and we teased him about it all night long. It was pretty fun. I slept over last night because I missed the last bus home, and was out the door by 9:50 to make a doctors appointment at 10:20 at the school (I'm on Reading Break for the next week, YAY!). Got a prescription for WellButrin - for my anxiety, depression, ADD and, as an offshoot, it's used as a cessation drug for smoking as well. I start taking it tomorrow.

So that was pretty much my weekend; this week is also busy - I have to clean (yeah, all my hard work last week? Didn't mean jacksh*t - roommate destroyed it all within a 72 hour period....GAAAAAAH!!!), Molly goes for her last set of shots tomorrow, I have to go to the courthouse for a Crim assignment, packing, cleaning, packing, and then the move on Friday! Everything is set up for that except for a home for Molly for the month :( I'm working on it though....

How was your weekend? What did you do?


Kamie said...

Busy weekend for you! But sounds like a good one! Glad everything went well with baby-sitting! :)

On Friday I went up to Ogden (3.5 hours away) with my husband to deliver some student artwork. Went out with a friend for dinner. We stayed over night in Salt Lake City. Hung out. Window Shopped. Drove home Saturday Night. And was totally lazy and lounged on Sunday. That's about it - but it was a good weekend! But I wasn't excited to get up for work this morning. ;P

That was my weekend!

Heather said...

How complex are your baby bottles! Ours have a bottle base, a screw on cap that houses the teat. Pour in boiled water, pour in powder, screw on and shake lol.

I think you know what I did on the weekend lol.

Molly cant go to Kevin's?

her said...

Kamie - it sounds like a GREAT weekend! :D

heather - basically it was regular milk with a liner so you don't have to sterilize the bottle each and every time...basically pop in a liner, put it over the top of the bottle, pour in the milk, screw on the nipple and then place in a jug of hot water to warm it. Its a bit tricky at first though!

and his name is Keith, not Kevin, lol...can't go there because he doesnt really have the time to devote to a dog, unfortunately :(

Heather said...

My bad, I know his name! Sorry, that's what you get for typing while watching a baby lol.