Sunday, February 24, 2008


A quick question:

So, when calculating relationship length, do you just count the months, like Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, making it 6 months?

Or do you use this little counting method:
sept to oct = 1
oct to nov = 1
nov to dec= 1
dec to jan = 1
jan to feb = 1
making it 5?

Please help, me so confused!

PS: Although, the focus shouldn't be on quantity of time spent with the person, it should be on quality of time spent. Right? ;)


Heather said...

I always go on exact date of the we met August 24th, September 24th is one month. I dont count in months anymore, it would be too confusing lol.

Quantity v quality is an interesting one...coz in theory you'd say quality however when you are still in honeymoon period quantity seems so important! I'd say that I love Ryan's company so quantity is important and I know that the quantity is quality anyway for the most part.

Kamie said...

When did you start dating? Since it is almost the end of Feb - I am thinking 6 months. :)

Ammietia said...

I count like Heather does. Exact dates and all that. But thats also how I count hours. I could never just count one-two-three...

As for quantity vs. quality, it depends. If I want chocolate and am faced with either a mound of okay chocolate and a box of high quality chocolate, my choice depends on how hungry I am. For relationships I have no idea.


her said...

Kamie - we started dating September 22nd....

Kamie said...

So 5 months then! :) And 3 days!

Kamie said...

p.s. okay, I just decided that I am not very smart. I could have looked on your anniversary post and figured out what day. Sheesh. I am smart. ;P