Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I dislike my roommate intensely. Not as a person, but as a roommate. He makes me feel as though I'm a maid in my own home -- I pay equal rent and more than my share of the bills!! Once I asked him to do the dishes while I cleaned everything else in the apartment. They sat there for another week and a half until I finally gave up and did them myself. So aggrevating!!

And the only other time he 'cleaned' was when Molly got into some paper products and tore them apart on the living room floor. Guess what he did? Took a broom and swept all of Molly's toys (which are tucked away beside the side of the couch) plus whatever was on the floor, mixing them together and then leaving all of it as a pile on the opposite side of the room. O.M.G!!!!!! What was the thought process with that move?? It just made more work for me - today I had to spend 10 minutes bent over sorting through what was garbage and what was toy. Totally unnessecary!

This weekend he had a friend over from Friday to Monday afternoon. They hung out in the living room pretty much the entire time and ate enormous meals (which they didn't as much throw out a wrapper--heaven forbid they do the dishes they ate off, which are mine, incidentally, because he doesn't have any). And guess whos stuck cleaning up after them on Tuesday? *grits teeth*

So far I've done the dishes and cleaned the living room. I've got to do the rest of the kitchen and the dining room, plus my room is looking kinda scattered. Never you mind I have a midterm tomorrow at 8am that I still need to study for and K.02 is coming over later tonight (granted, it is to help me study).

And its not just the cleaning either. At the end of January I found out he hadn't even paid January's rent, meaning that amount came off the credit I have on the apartment. Problem is, I CAN'T AFFORD TO THROW AWAY FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTY DOLLARS TO PAY FOR HIS DUMB ASS! I need that for the next months rent so I can actually afford to live somewhere!! Thankfully it was fixed; but again...why was it even an issue in the first place?
Other thing is the Rogers bill - the cable and internet we get. He's bitching that because he can't connect to the Internet that he shouldn't have to pay. Um...listen buddy, I've been stuck without a computer for weeks at a time this month, never you mind about the Internet, and I'm still paying my half of the bill. Novel concept that, no?! And you've been tapping into unsecured networks for free anyways, so its not like you've actually been stuck without internet!!

And then its the little things; constant smoke-bumming without repayment, constant stream of people in the apartment, stuff like that. Although he seems to have calmed down with the guests, thank god. And he's lost his keys this week, so he's been buzzing in. But that worries me because its a fob plus apartment key. Who knows whats going to cost to replace? (Seriously, you really think he's going to pay it? Yeah right.)

Two more weeks and I'm so out of here. Don't know where I'm going yet, but anywhere is better than what I've got going on here.

Okay, done venting, back to cleaning. Ugh.

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, now I remember why I chose to live alone (and loved it so much)

Your room mate sounds awful! Poor you, Elvis and Molly having to cohabit with that slovenly dropkick. *hugs* Hope the next few weeks fly by and you find a nice place to live.

Your KB