Friday, February 1, 2008

Birthday Fun

It's my birthday!! Three cheers for my mother!

In honour of my special day, here's 21 random facts about yours truly:

1) I was supposed to be born on January 24th, 1987. I arrived 8 days late.

2) My birthmother had me at home with a midwife. Without drugs. In 1987. She told me once that the contractions were so bad she tried to climb the headboard. As in - if she could somehow climb to the ceiling like Spiderman, the pain would stop.

3) I am my birthmothers first child. I am also the first daughter in my adoptive family, and the first granddaughter for my fathers parents.

4) I don't believe in the idea that your significant other has to be your absolute best friend. I think it's healthy(er?) to have a completely separate person to fulfill that function.

5) I posted a note on my water jug this morning stating "If you drink from this, fill it up. If you don't fill it up, DON'T DRINK FROM IT!!!!" Some people need their morning coffee, I need my chilled water. It's an incredible piss-off to come out in the morning and the jug is empty on the counter.

6) I've been meaning to ask how the U.S. election process works. Whats with all these candidates? What are the purpose of the primaries? Can someone please just enlighten me? I get all my U.S. political news via the oh-so-incredibly-sexy-and-hilarious Jon Stewart. So I'm lacking in a whole side of the viewpoint. Say, like, the right one?

7) I've also been meaning to ask questions about the LDS faith on all the blogs I lurk at. But there's really no way to ask politely in a comment on a post, and, well, I'm shy. Which is why I lurk. So I'm gonna ask them here: Whats a ward? Why do you only go to temple occasionally? Whats with the husbands giving blessings? Why can't females give blessings? Or can they? There's more, but those are the ones that came off the top of my head.

8) I'm going to miss George W. Bush. Just because, when hes gone, what is everyone going to make fun of? I laugh daily because of that guy. Ah, shucks....thanks Georgie, its been a gas. Literally.

9) I have this very unique and quirky talent that even if I've never, ever, ever heard the song lyrics to a song before, I can usually sing along to it correctly.

10) I sleep on my stomach. I also don't really like to be touched while I'm half-asleep. A couple of ex-boyfriends have had their heads nearly bitten off when they've attempted this. Sorry guys.

11) I also have this really annoying habit of listening to the same song on repeat for hours. This is going to get me killed one day. I just know it.

12) I played a KENO scratch and win ticket today because it was my birthday and was ONE scratch number from winning the grand prize of 50,000$. Damn marketing ploys. *shakes fist*

13) I want to name my first girl child Wylie Grace. Wylie is my middle name. It was also my birthmothers maiden name. I think hopefully pray that by the time I have children no one will remember Wile.E. Coyote, because that's who was constantly referred to when I told people my middle name. Eventually I quit telling people.

14) I was baptized into the Catholic faith at the age of 16.

15) I have 2 tattoos. One is on my left breast and the other is on my left wrist. The one on my breast is a red heart with two 10-week old black baby feet inside. I like to tell people I had a black guys baby and watch their reactions.
In reality, the 10-week old baby feet is a symbol of the pro-life movement. I've wanted the tattoo since I was 15-16 years old. Right now I'm considering getting a black-and-white portrait of Marilyn Monroe done on my back. I also have 6 facial piercings.

16) If I'm greeting you for the first time that day, no matter what time of day it is, I will greet you with "Good Morning". Don't ask me why I do this, except to jolt people out of their comfortable daily routines just a little bit.

17) I think it's important not to only tell your significant other that you love them but that you're in love with them. And a healthy dose of lust doesn't hurt either. *wink*

18) Coming up with 21 facts about oneself is hard.

19) My favourite flowers are yellow roses.

20) I don't really want to go to the U.S. Ever. It's just not appealing to me...except for New York City. That's pretty much the only place in the US I want to go to. I think I'm a snob.

21) I can't think of any more.


Kamie said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday! YAY~ 21 years old!!

You were 8 days late?!?! I was like 2.5 months early - ha ha. Your poor birth mother.

I have no idea how the election works. Maybe someone can enlighten me too!

~A ward is a congregation of people. There are wards and then 10-14 wards make a "stake". They are based on geographical areas. Each ward is under the direction of a bishop. But we all have the same beliefs and standards world wide. If that makes any sense. We have a prophet who give direction to all various local leaders through out the world. Now I have probably confused you more!! :)
~The Temple: We and encouraged to go the the temple often (at least once a month) for personal reflection and spiritual growth. We can go as often as we like and sometimes go for personal revelation and to find peace in our lives.
~Blessings: Worthy male members of the church have the opportunity to hold the priesthood which is the power to act in God's name. They use the priesthood to serve other (especially their family) by giving blessing when they are sick or troubled. The blessings are a source of comfort and healing.
~Females and blessings: Women don't hold the priesthood, so they can not blessings. They have other opportunities to serve and bless their families and others. But we can pray for others and use fasting as a way to serve.

If you have more questions - feel free to ask. I will answer whatever you would like! :)

My husband is really good at the singing lyrics thing. That is awesome for you. I just don't get how ya'll do it.

I so think Wylie Grace is such a cute name!!


Heather said...

We had to do 20 things about ourselves in our first week of university last semester, it was so fun! Did you have fun doing your list? I was surprised how much of that I already knew but then I guess we've been reading about each other's lives for what, 5 years?

Did you have a good birthday? I guess it's over now since it is after lunch on Saturday here.

Ammietia said...

Its two days late but Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day :)

her said...

Kamie - Thanks for the b-day wishes! ....okay, wow, thats thing that I'm really not clear on is the Temple thing - what do you guys consider "church" then, like, every Sunday? Or do you even have that kind of thing? Whats the deal with that? What makes a Temple different than regular church???

Heather - Yeah, it's been about five and a half years!! WOW! how time flies eh?? And yes, thanks, I had a fantastic birthday...once Pegster gives me the pictures I'll do a post okay??

Ammietia - Thanks for the birthday wishes & dropping by!!

Kamie said...

Sorry for the confusion! :)

Yes, we have weekly church gatherings on Sunday (3 hour block, Sunday School, Relief Society/Priesthood, and Sacrament Meeting). We partake of the sacrament, study scriptures and hear talks and lessons about religion.

Temples are a sacred dedicated house to the Lord where we make covenants to our Heavenly Father.
Sacred covenants are made and worthy members are endowed with a gift of power and knowledge from on high. (You have to hold a current temple recommend) We do proxy work for our ancestors who have passed on so they all have had the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ in the life here after.

If you wanna looks around this site ( ) it gives the basic beliefs of our Church. (and probably does a better job of explaining, less confusing. . . ha ha.) But if you have more questions, fire away. :) There is also a live chat on that website where you can ask any question and get quick feedback.