Monday, February 18, 2008

Family Day & a Question

Ugh. I'm up way too early after going to bed at 2:30am. And its Ontario's newest statutory holiday today so that means I have free reign to sleep in, and I'm wasting it. :(

It's Family Day today, a completely fabricated statutory holiday by our provincial government (I think it was an election promise?). Every third Monday in February from now on is a day off to, well, celebrate our families. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't we already have Christmas to do that?

It seems that one of the reasons for creating a public holiday in February is because (and I quote) "The time between New Years and Easter is long and people need a rest." Um, okay. I guess that makes sense.....or something. I really don't know, and I really don't care; it's a day off from school and as long as I remember that bus service is horrendous and 98% of retail stores are closed, we should get through this day just fine.

There's some questions of etiquette I'm wondering about though - do I call my family and wish them a "Happy Family Day"? Should I have sent a card? Flowers? A small gift of appreciation? Oh, wait, I'm thinking of Christmas again.

I wonder if next year the commerialism bandwagon will have jumped on board to turn this into a complete farce like Valentine's Day has become. That would be interesting to see.

All in all, I think I'd rather head down to the land below us and take advantage of all the President Day sales. Blast not having money or a car. Blast.

PS: Anyone have any tips (especially those who have a slight understanding of how, um, 'different' my mother is) on how to tell my mom about K.02? She doesn't even know I'm dating anyone - how do I bring up and explain the subject that I've been seeing this guy for 6 months, its getting serious, and I think it's time to start thinking of introducing him to the clan? How do I do this without her flipping out or thinking I'm just a foolish little girl who doesn't know the first thing about serious relationships? (Which is true, incidentially, but she doesn't need to think that, if you get my drift).
So, guys, any tips/advice? Greatly appreciate it if you have anything at all, because I'm really stumped - thanks!


Kamie said...

Wish I could help you out on the whole telling you mom thing. I have no ideas or advice. Good Luck though! :)

Happy FAMILY DAY! Ha ha ha! I am totally enjoying a day off for President's Day! And I too woke up when I could have slept in. So basically.... I took a nap! :P

Heather said...

I think telling your mum about him and saying you want to introduce him right away might be a bit of a shock.

I was thinking (and I could be way off here) perhaps give her a call and say happy family day and tell her you've been dating someone and that perhaps in a few more months you might like to bring him home. That way you are showing her that you have already lasted a while and that you feel he is still gonna be in the picture in a few months time. From what I know about your mum it's gonna be an issue no matter how it happens so best just be brave and do it and deal with the consequences coz how awkward will it be when in six months time you finslly build up the courage to say "mum I've got a boyfriend, here he is and btw we've been together a year!"

With a little luck, later on when you get to like a one or two year anniversary, her mind will be fuzzy about when it was that you told her lol.

her said...

haha, I like your advice much better than K.02...he just suggested I show up with him at Thanksgiving ... with a ring on my finger. LOL. Uh, yeah, THAT would go over well...*roll eyes*