Tuesday, February 26, 2008

getting there.

Well, the oven is finally clean, the dishes are done, Elvis is gone, the fridge is practically empty (and cleaned!), all the floors are swept (still yet to be swiffered), I cried last night because I'm really worried Molly won't a) find a home, ai) remember me and b) won't love me as much afterwards, the garbage has been taken out, the laundry is in the basket, the roommate has been - much to my GREAT relief - gone all day and most of the night (he just got home and already I can feel my anger rising - if he so much as dirties a fucking knife, I'm liable to castrate him with it), and I got to see my Mr. Random today.

Still need to do some touchups in the bathroom (the sink and the mirror are, yet again, dirty), and empty Elvis' litter box for good. once emptied and cleaned, it makes a handy little packing box - ta da!

Debating whether to stay up and clean some more or just go to bed and get up early tomorrow to finish....the latter is a more likely scenario though.


Kamie said...

Good Job!!! You accomplished a lot today!

I hope your morning cleaning goes well. And quickly.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap!! You have been a busy beaver! I can't believe how quickly this month has flown by & you are moving already.

I hope things with Molly get sorted out asap. How is Elvis doing in his new abode?



her said...

Kamie - thanks! yesterday was a BAD day, holy jeez. I was ready to strangle a certain someone by the end of it...but today is nice and fresh and new. :)

KB - Yeah, Feb always flies by WAAAAY too fast. And I'll find out how elvis is doing when I go over tonight to drop off the Rogers hardware....and still no home for Molly, I'm getting REALLY worried....