Thursday, February 28, 2008


Today the goal is to get my room completely packed up.

Except, when did I acquire so many clothes? books? random pieces of junk?

Seriously, when?

And, oh,
did I mention? This all has to be done before 6 pm tonight.

T-3 hours and counting, my darlings.



Heather said...

It's a lot of work but at the end you're rid of dickhead room mate and that totally has to be worth it right?

*has neighbours cat smooching laptop making it hard to type*

Kamie said...

Just think - by tomorrow all that will be over. Then there is unpacking. But that can be fun!

her said...

heather - oH FUCK YEAH.

kamie - actually, alot of my stuff is staying packed because I'm moving into a 1-bedroom with my best friend and sleeping on his couch. the deal is - own food, and I pay teh entire rogers bill instead of paying rent. woop!