Friday, February 22, 2008

Come again?

I lay down for a nap today (sometimes a girl just deserves a mid-day snooze) and Molly snuggled right in. How could I resist taking a picture?

Every so often, my mom will send me newspaper clippings - you know, the usual mom stuff; "Lose Weight" "Quit Smoking" "The Dangers of Smoking" "Taking better care of yourself" , family pictures, and sometimes even news on whats happened to old high school I got one of such letters.

It contained Pauls funeral card (I managed to hold back the tears), a couple pictures from Christmas, an article & a pamphlet on tips to quit smoking and one on a topic that's never, in all my 21 years of living, even remotely come up. Guess what it was titled? "Get to know your spouse before you tie the knot" - it was an article on all the questions/discussions you should have with your significant other before starting to plan the wedding.

Um, what?


Heather said...

Ok you musta sounded really happy about your man when you talked to her lol. Sweet that she had faith in what you told her and she is right, there are def some things that need to be talked about before you marry.

Btw, as a total aside you have lovely skin! Cute photo lol.

her said...

I think what really tipped the scales for my mom to know that this was kinda serious was the fact I told her he and I could talk for hours - and the last time that happened with a guy was with Chris back in high school....I've NEVER been one to natter away and I just don't get how to do small talk. So...yeah. lol.

her said...

oh yeah, and thanks for the compliment lol :D