Friday, January 25, 2008

7 more days! :D

one week left! one week! thats - count 'em - 7 days until I officially turn 21. and EIGHT days until I get to see the Pegster!! This has me all a'twitter. I can't WAIT.

Friday - the actual day of my birthday - is going to be a low-key affair. Up at 5:30 like usual, class until 10 - and lets not kid ourselves, I'll probably nap afterwards until the mid-afternoon. Molly's getting picked up at 5 to spend until Sunday with the folks I got her from (thank you!!!) so I can spend the night and all of the next day with my lover and my friends. Oh yeah, remind me to clean the apartment before I leave at 5:30 (pm, that is), will you?

K.02 has a game at 11 that night - still undecided whether or not I want to go. I probably won't decide until the very last minute, it all depends on how I'm feeling that day. We'll see.

7 more days! eeee! I don't know how I'm gonna make it through this next week, honestly. :P


Anonymous said...

sounds like your going to have alot of fun. k.02 must be really something

~kamie~ said...

down to 2 days?!?!?!


Heather said...

HAPPY 21st Sarah!!!

Anonymous said...

happy happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday i hope that k.02 is as sexy as i think he is