Wednesday, January 9, 2008


(photo taken earlier today)
I'm so, so, so incredibly tired of yelling at my dog.

Today she bit my foot so badly she made it bleed.

Please tell me she'll stop being a little shit soon. Please.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, she is probably teething and wants to gnaw, bit and chew on things. You could try buying a cheap water pistol and each time she bites, spray her in the face. She will soon learn.



her said...

right now she gets a bit bitey at certain times, mostly when she thinks its playtime (7am - or trying to have cuddle time with K.02 - is NOT playtime, and will never be, sorry Molly) and when that happens, its an automatic "no" and she gets a gentle smack on the bum. Two of those and then she's off the bed. And then we give her some rawhide to bite....the good thing about the rawhide is that she goes to it independently and gnaws on that for awhile (she's doing it right now, actually, woop!)

Heather said...

Tamara Geller has a really interesting book (I think it's called 'the loved dog'?) which is quite interesting. She was in the army in a dog training unit then studied wolf pack behaviour and now trains dogs for a living. Perhaps you might wanna hire it from the library for some guidance.

Beyond that, a spray of water and a firm 'no' and when she stops doing it, immediately give her a treat so 'not doing it' is what is reaffirmed/rewarded. Not always easy when you're still angry with them for biting but you dont want her thinking even if she stops you'll still be angry with her so the treat teaches her the right way to do things.

Hope that helped coz I wouldnt hold my breath waiting for her puppy phase to end...Flynn stole all the socks off the line last night and he's 18 months old!

her said...

Funny you should say that Heather, I just realized tonight that I don't praise her (enough or at all, some days:$) for when she actually DOES listen...even if it takes 3 or 4 repeated "get down" "no" "down molly"!! I think I was just too focused on getting her to stop the behaviour rather than recognizing when she did (does that make sense?) anyway..i think its a bit of a breakthrough with the whole training if only I can remember it when I'm fustrated or tired of yelling at her all day or pissed off that this is the fourth time today I've told her not to do the same thing...haha. Yeah, that's the key isn't it? :)

Amy said...

Thanks for your tips on my blog! I love your header picture. You'll be hard pressed to replace it with something equally cool and beautiful.

About Molly, I don't know. With kids reaffirming the good behavior works. Try it!

Katrina said...

your puppy is very cute even if she's naughty. hang in there!