Monday, January 7, 2008

Tired, puppy, (new) school

Omgosh I'm tired. Having a puppy who wakes you up at 5:30 in the morning because she has to go and then having a full morning of classes does not make for a very energetic me, thats for sure! Although I'm SUPER proud of my puppy for
1) waking me up when she needed to go
2) making it all the way outside (when you live on the fifth floor of a highrise, this is a BIG DEAL!)
3) going #1 AND #2!!!! (first time)

Totally chuffed about that!! Molly got like 4 treats this morning, lol. But it does mean I've been up since 5:30, which isn't so hot. I'm definitely taking a nap once I get home, but that won't be until at least 1:30. *blink blink*

I think I need a new layout but I'm still in love with the top picture....not really in love with the dark grey though. Maybe I'll just switch that? Yeah. *snaps back to reality* sorry, kinda went off on a random tangent there didn't I?

I'm taking a reduced courseload - only taking 4 instead of 6 - this semester (which, incidentially, started today) so my timetable is looking pretty empty as a result. I have
Mon: 8-10 - Criminal Law
Mon: 10-12 - Client Relations
Wed: 8-10 - Wills & Estates
Fri: 8:10 - 20th Century Canadian Literature

I'm really jazzed about Crim, CR & the English because - in Crim the (ex)roommie is taking it with me (built-in project buddy!) CR is taught by my favourite prof, and well, the English one is a no brainer. mmmm, books. mmmm, discussing books. *drool*

Well, I'm blanking out here so I'm just going to end this and go play with my layout a bit. Byes!

PS: If you're waiting on an account of my week with the fam over Christmas *shoots a look in a particular direction* it's excuse is that I'm waiting for pictures. yeah. that's it.....*shifts eyes*


Ammietia said...

Ugh, I know how you feel about mornings. I could do without them, especially when I have fits of insomnia or my cat is clawing at my door to be let in. I've learned how to get to sleep though, watch some random show on TV and draw on my walls.

Good luck with your morning classes!


Heather said...

That class workload looks really good and manageable!

*feels like she has seen those photos somewhere* :P

Yep, I still love that top photo too though it is doing that weird only half displaying thing atm for me.

Aww yay for puppies learning to pee outside!