Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm a big kid now

hooo ha heee ha ha ha.

Some poor misguided souls lovely, rational people just gave me my very first credit card.

OF COURSE I will use it wisely and always make my full payments....okay, okay, maybe not full, but at least 50%.

Right. *wink*

Edited to say: In all honesty, I'm going to use it for Molly's vaccinations, spaying & hernia surgery, and thats it. I might use it to pick up a 100$ textbook while I wait for the last of my loan money to process through as well.


Kamie said...

Ewww.... have fun with that! I hate Credit Cards! :)

I HATE buying textbooks!!

Anonymous said...

I hate the evilness of credit cards too. So glad I paid mine off and cut it into tiny little pieces...well mostly glad.

Be good Miss Grown Up!