Friday, May 1, 2009


Monday - did nothing except sleep, read and enjoy my first day of unemployment.

Tuesday - also did nothing; weigh-in revealed a loss of only a pound and a half inch. Bummed. (Totals: 21 pounds and 3 inches)

Wednesday - Light housework+, 30 minute power-walk, 20 minute swim.

Thursday - 40 minute walk*. In the rain, no less.

Friday - 25 minutes of DDR, 20 minutes of treadmill, some weight machines (15 reps x 3), 20 minute swim, 25 minutes of DDR.

Saturday - Light housework, 20 minutes of treadmill, some weight-machines (15 reps x 3), 20 minute swim, 40 minute walk.

Sunday - Light housework, 25 minutes of DDR, 20 minute swim, 40 minute walk. Keith plays ball-hockey.

Monday - 20 minute swim. Keith plays ice-hockey.

Up until Thursday, this list is truthful. We'll see how I do over the weekend, but that's what I want to accomplish. Let's hope that all my hard work this week will result in a good-sized drop in the scale on Tuesday!

* when I say "40 minute walk" that usually means a loop around our neighbourhood with the dog. She's loving this new exercise regime. On the days that we don't go on our walks, we try to take her out for a good 20 minutes of fetch.
+ Yes, I count housework as exercise. Anything helps. I actually do half-lunges when I'm vacuuming, believe it or not!

(oh, almost forgot to mention; it stopped on day 13, thankfully! I asked the doctor about it on Tuesday, and she said that if it happens next month, then to DEFINITELY go for an ultrasound. She thinks I might have had a cyst that burst, based on the amount of cramping I had. GulpGulp)


Heather said...

Those are some big exercise goals, just make sure you pick a day each week to sloth coz your body is going to need it!

I can finally play DDR now my ankle is healing-so excited lol.

Jess said...

It sounds like you're doing really well. Good luck sticking with your goals this weekend!