Saturday, April 25, 2009

Big Bang Theory

I love this song, the band that sings it, and I absolutely adore the TV show it's a theme song for. (I seriously sit there and giggle for a straight half hour. It's that good).

In other not so great news, this makes it day 11 and I'm starting to freak right the fuck out. *sigh* And the pain is unbearable - today I took 12 extra-strength tylenol just to get through my 8 hour shift. Not good.

Speaking of that, ONE MORE SHIFT, BAY-BEE! I'm going to be so bored next week, but I picked up a few books - The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb, Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner and Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs (which I've already finished).

I'm never good at conclusions, so I'm just going to say - watch the video, hope you enjoy it - I'm off to download some music because of course I lost it all when my harddrive crapped out. Ugghh.

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