Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm in love

This is my desktop - isn't it just flat-out cute??


Heather said...

*comment for entry above since I cant get to the comment section but yes, I do love your desktop*

I loooove big bang theory too! That show is hilarious and I can see myself buying it on dvd.

Are we talking about the light period being 11 days long or something else? That is def a sign of PCOS, long painful periods. Before I was diagnosed I would get craps so bad I couldnt walk unless I was bent in two...and I got a lot of muscle weakness and my hair fell out heaps...and grew in in other more horrible places. The test is an ultrasound of your ovaries if you're curious to know...but my first one didnt show anything, it was about four years later another ultrasound showed them up. Are you normally regular when you arent on the pill?

I havent read comfort food, I picked it up and put it back down, but I did enjoy her Friday night knitting club books.

*goes to shower*

sarah said...

it's not light anymore. and this has never happened before, hence the slight freakout - and yes, before this year they were always regular. Ugh.