Sunday, April 19, 2009


I gave my notice today. As of next Sunday, I will no longer work at Wendy's.

Such a relief! I hate the job and have since day one. It's amazing I lasted nearly 7 months; so many times I came to work and just wanted to shout "I QUIT!" and storm out of there.

I made a stupid rookie mistake on Facebook the other day with my status saying something along the lines of the "M" word and my aunt (who lives with my mom) saw it and emailed me about it. Woops. I told her to keep a lid on it since it's not official yet. Must remember: Family on Facebook, don't put anything you don't want to be emailed about! YA!

Hopefully me quitting my job won't affect our mini-vacation plans to go to Toronto for the last weekend in May. I really want/need to just get away for a bit. We both do. It most likely won't - I'll have my osap by then as well as I still get 1 more paycheque from Wendy's.

Besides, by next week, I'll probably be hired on as a cashier at Wal-Ma.rt - I stupidly applied during inventory week so I've had my 2 interviews but they haven't had time to check my references yet. But now that inventory week is over they should be able to get that ball rolling.

Oh, one more thing; and this might be TMI so if you don't like talking about monthly girly stuff, stop reading now -
Kay, this week I've been having what I think is my period - problem is, I'm still finishing off my pill pack! I've never had this happen before; I start my week of pills on Tuesdays, and usually I finish the 21 days of active drugs and then my period arrives the next Saturday. So should I count the first day of bleeding as day 1 for this cycle or was it just 'breakthrough bleeding'? (but I thought breakthrough bleeding was different?) If I count this as starting a new cycle, then that means my last cycle only lasted 19 days! Something tells me that's really not good!
(oh, did I ever tell you that the doctor with this weight-thing asked me if I had PCOS because of my incredibly high insulin resistance? Gulp.)

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Heather said...

Yay for quitting!!!

As for the period thing, I recently learnt something that freaked the living crap out of me. I have a girlfriend who is decidedly chubby and she cant use the pill because she weighs quite a bit more than 100kg and at that weight it stops being as effective. SAY WHAT!?!? I was on it for YEARS while over that weight! What I did find though, was that if I took the pill a couple of hours late (which normally you can get away with now and then), that I would get really light bleeding and it wouldnt stop even if I continued to take the sheet. Generally I would just give up, stop taking the tablets, let my body have a period and just restart the pill again a week later and the light bleeding would have stopped after the period. I never knew why it was happening but perhaps it was because I was actually over 100kg and the late pill allowed my hormones to drop a little too much in relation to my weight/size? I'm not sure how/if this relates to what you've got going on but maybe it'll help?

Btw, if you do end up with PCOS and you need to talk just gimme a yell, I've had it for 14 years. Oh, and the treatment is being put on the pill lol.