Sunday, April 27, 2008

3 days home (extended hours)

Because, when its 2:30am and you just don't want to work on school stuff (not that you've done any schoolwork today anyways) but you can't go to sleep because you're freaked out about something and you drank an entire 2L bottle of Dr. Pepper today - this is what you do:

(sorry about the crappy sound quality.)

(oh, and the really, really crappy violin playing.)

(although, in my defence, it has been over two years.)

(my god I suck. ouch. I'm sorry.)

(oh, and disregard that babbling at the beginning, it's been a long, boring day with no one to talk to.)

(you may have noticed that my blog has become kind of photo heavy in the last week - mostly because I bought a digital camera before our trip to Belleville and I finally figured out how to do video with it tonight. So anyways, my point was - new toy, just bear with me until I get tired of it, plzkthx :D)

(being totally narcissistic right now, but my gosh do I ever need a haircut.)

(I'm playing BourreƩ by G.F. Handel, if you're wondering, which you probably aren;t, but I just thought I'd tell you anyways. Hah.)


Heather said...

That was AMAZING! You totally should keep playing!

Yep your hair could do with some layering or something, but I am sure it was good having it nice and thick in the cold of winter.

I am totally loving the photos, snap away!

Kamie said...

I swear I left a comment yesterday. It's lost.

But that was awesome!! I would love to play the violin! Someday . . . lol

Yay for the new camera! I am excited for you to join the Photo Challenge! Yay!

I need a haircut too!

And somewhere along the way I lost where you are currently living. But hey . . . you can play the violin at 2:30 AM. :) Nice!

her said...

lol Kamie, you're hilarious.
I live in Ottawa, and sometimes have trouble sleeping - that night I stayed up until 8am.
Thanks for letting me join the photo challenge! The site is and I'll be officially joining you on the 1st just to make it easier. :)

Kamie said...

So you are living at home, right? Gotcha! I have no idea where I got confused, but I lost you!!

The first sounds fabulous! And since I am the WORST at posting pictures - you're already ahead of me!

Kamie said...

Or just visiting home maybe. :P

Ha ha. I am slow, apparently!

her said...

lol, yes, I'm just visiting home for a week. I live in Canada's capital and my mother lives near Stratford....its about a 8.5/9 hour drive and its the biggest rural farming area in I write this, I'm surrounded on three sides by wheat fields (last year it was corn) and across the road is a beef farm. it's SO different!

Kamie said...

I finally get it! :) YAY for me!

Nice! I live in a similar area. The whole town is surrounded by fields! :) Gotta love rural farming areas!

Kelly said...

Okay Kamie I am sure that I left a comment here yesterday too!

Kamie said...

Oh, that makes me happy! I am glad it isn't just me that is losing comments! :)