Tuesday, April 29, 2008

6 days home

Ahh, a new fresh spring haircut and finally got an eyebrow wax!
It cost a fraction of what it would back home. Oh how I love thee, small town pricing (22$ for wash/cut/style, 7$ for each brow, 10$ tip).

You all know what it looked like before, but just for comparison sake, here's another picture of


(the shot focusing on my cleavage area is just to show you how long it was)



(oh, egads, please excuse the excessive amount of boobage. there's no controlling those things.)


Heather said...

Oh it looks sassy! You can do so much with your hair you lucky thing!

By comparison, my hair trim and dye is $104 and eyebrow wax is $14 here.

Kamie said...

Boobage . . . ha ha ha ha! You crack me. And I am totally with you on that. Ha ha! :P

And I really like the new style! Very cute! Makes me wanna cut my hair. It's a daily struggle! :)

Kelly said...

Damn! Loving ya hair! Hot!