Wednesday, March 9, 2011

please enjoy responsibly

day 3 - your views on drugs and alcohol.

Oh Jesus Mary on a stick. Bear with me here.

I am NOT trying to glorify drug and alcohol use. I know - as a former addict, thanks - the devastating effects of addiction. (And yes, I firmly believe that addiction = disease).

Drugs and alcohol? They're frickin fun. I mean, the experience itself is. I see nothing wrong in occasional recreational use, provided that three criteria are satisfied:

a) you know your limit
b) you're educated/informed about the drink/drug you're about to do, and where to go if something happens, and how to recognize the signs IF something DOES go wrong.
and I can't stress this enough:
c) you do it SAFELY.

So. My views on the subject rest mainly on personal responsibility, education and safe use.
There's no Nancy Reagan campaign going on over here.

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Heather said...

Alcohol: I've drunk before but never been drunk. Alcohol is full of sugar so I cant really drink. So long as people are old enough to make sensible decisions, then I dont care how they drink.

Drugs: Never touched them, never going to. People look at me like some kind of a freak when I say I've never tried them. The honest reason why-I'm scared of the unknown. To me the risk isnt worth it in comparison to how much I value my 'clear head'.

With regards to both: In general I dont worry about things, but I DO worry about people so I'm sad when I see people I care about in an altered state. It's not something that would end a friendship though (obviously lol).