Friday, May 20, 2011

5 months

Update on my 7th month checklist

Done/in process:
- Venue
- Officiant
- Baker
- Bridal party chosen, dress picked out
- Florist
- Photographer
- Tat offered to do my hair & makeup for the day. YES PLEASE.
- Bridal Jewelry & bridesmaid's gifts.
- Mom has offered to host a bridal shower for me back home the second weekend in September. I am beyond grateful.
- Linens booked
- Engagement photos done!

Next steps:
- Keith asking his side!! GAH GET ON THAT ALREADY.
- Decor (buy centerpieces, orange pom-pom napkin rings I'm DIYing)
- Attire for the men.
- Making our guest book from Blurb.
- The great name-change debate.
- Alterations
- Ordering the bridesmaid dresses.

Not even thinking about (or don't WANT to):
- Marriage license - this is only in this category because it's only good for 3 months, so we won't be getting it until August at the earliest.
- Music situation
- Hotel
- Timeline of the day, other than the ceremony time: 2:30pm.
- Candy buffet bags/boxes and labels/stickers
- Shawn is building me an actual photobooth, but I don't know how we're going to get it to take pictures just yet. Also. Need props.

Honestly, I think we're fine for being 5 months out. I'm right in the middle -- where all the big stuff has been booked or put into motion while the small stuff is too far away to think about yet (or is dependent on guest numbers). The next big steps will be invitations - we're putting the deposit down to order the supplies next week and I've set a deadline to have them out by the middle of July.


dust and kam said...

You are doing awesome!

(this coming from the girl who had two months total. ha ha)

I looked up airfare, hotels, etc. Sadly, I haven't figured out a way to be there yet. boo. But, I still have five months. :)

sarah said...

omgosh you haaaaaaaaaaaave too!

Fly into Vancouver, transfer to Toronto, and drive (4.5 hours). Or Montreal, and drive (2 hours). OR. Fly to Syracuse, NY, and, you guessed it, drive (um...I think...4?ish hours?)

Flights are SUPER ridiculous if you are looking at direct flights to Ottawa. I don't understand why.

Heather said...

You're doing really well and YAY for a wedding post. I think you should post about it as much as you like! :P

And yes, Kamie has to come so I can meet her! I need to book stuff now, we had to wait to be six months out from the wedding to book the trip.