Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Major" News

I switched my Major.

I'm now studying a double major in English and History.

Oh yeah, and I went and picked out the cardboard box I'll be living in after graduating. It's a beauty. Four walls, weatherproof, retractable roof. I'll be stylin', for sure.

In all seriousness though, I really think this is the right decision. I was dreading going through three more years of Law classes, especially after taking the introductory class. After I made the switch I felt this big weight lift off my shoulders, which in my world always means I made the right decision.

I don't want to write though. I want to edit - I've always enjoyed proofreading my classmates work, all the way back to elementary school. I figure that anything written anywhere, ever, is going to require an editor.

And I was mistaken in the amount of credits I needed to advance to second year standing - I need four, and I only had three and a half. Which means I'm taking another two credits this summer at the first year level. Frustrating, seeing as I was going to use this summer to get ahead, but I'm fairly psyched about the classes I chose, even if they are first year.

I'm taking an English (obviously), an introductory linguistics, and an introductory course of the survey of Roman civilization.

And you know, if I can't find a job after graduating, well, I always have my stylin' cardboard box to resort to.

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