Saturday, December 25, 2010


I was complaining how my sister was rude about the bra I wore for Christmas dinner to Keith tonight. He replied, "Is that because she was mad that M [her boyfriend] was staring at them?"

I replied: "HE WAS WHAT??!"

Which clearly demonstrates: I am COMPLETLEY clueless when it comes to guys. Completely. Sorry Becky, but next time please date someone who's more respectful to you than one that stares at your sister's tits at Christmas. Jeez.

Keith did super well on gifts this year. Actually, both him & his dad did. I made out like a bandit:
-Katy Perry CD Teenage Dream. (I only listen to CD's in the car when I drive alone, and Katy Perry is awesome driving music.)
-MASSIVE Mistletoe scented Yankee Candle.
- 50$ gift certificate to Starbucks.
-50$ gift certificate to Old Navy. (Keith).
-75$ gift certificate to Chapters
- Novel, Open Doors by Gloria Goldreich.
- Blue cable hoody sweater from Old Navy.(Keith's dad).

See? I got SPOILED.

Other funny stories: We got Harry wiper blades, and wrapped them separately. After he opened the first one, we told him we couldn't afford the second one, but hey. Here's one, sorry, go buy the second one. HE BELIEVED US.

I nearly died.

I realized this Christmas Keith is going to be super fun to have kids with. He comes up with stuff I would never think of - like Christmas Eve, we were discussing Norad's tracking Santa deal, and how cute it was for the kids, and he said, "oooh, you could just go; See? Santa's in England, its time to get to bed!!" He is BRILLIANT. I would have never thought of saying that!! LOL.
And today; he wrapped one of my gift cards in a big box, and actually put a spoon and screws in the box so it 'rattled' if I shook it. Seriously! Where does someone come up with stuff like that?

He's awesome.
I love.

How was your Christmas?


Jess said...

Sounds great! I'm glad you had such a nice Christmas. Ours was very low-key (we didn't do gifts), but lovely and we had an excellent dinner. A major contrast to how it will be next year with a kid!

Heather said...

Ok so it's natural for guys to perv but BE SUBTLE lads, BE SUBTLE!

Christmas was pretty good and freaking hot. Glad you got spoilt! Link/photo of the sweater?

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