Saturday, June 11, 2011

What a difference a year makes....

I looked like this at my college graduation in June 2010:
I hate that picture. I look so uncomfortable. So heavy. I look like I'm drowning in my own skin.

Just for fun, I threw on the exact same dress tonight when I realized it was pretty close to a year ago that the original photo was taken at my graduation from college:

Just look at me! What a difference!! Check out the length of the dress - where before I was lucky if it hit at the knee, now it's definitely at shin-length.

The scale says I haven't lost anything in months. Its so easy for me to look at that number (over and over and over again!) and get discouraged.

Then a picture like this comes along, and I notice that I finally - finally!! - have visible collarbones. Which, I assure you, I didn't have three months ago, even though I was at the same weight number as I am now.

Which really just goes to show you, this whole losing weight thing?
So much more than the sum of its parts.

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Kelly said...

Look at you! What a difference!

I also think maybe your attitude has changed as well. In the first photo, you don't look happy and maybe even a bit resigned - even though it was your graduation day which was a pretty special occasion.

Then look at you in the second pic: you are woman and I am hearing you roar! Your attitude is fierce, look at me, strong and powerful - and that's really attractive in a person too.

You're doing a grand job, keep working hard at it m'dear!