Sunday, October 30, 2011

aaand *thump*

At the end of September I received a letter from the student loan national centre saying because I had failed a course in the summer semester, I would be denied any further funding for a period of three years.

Let's face it; if I leave my program now, and for three years, there is a high possibility I will never go back. There's really only one option - funding the rest of my degree (and my living expenses) completely on my own dime. Cue panic. Originally I thought I had to come up with full Winter tuition - just under 2900$ - by the end of December. Thankfully, that's not the case - I have until I go to re-register in late April/early May to pay the full amount (WHEW).

Thankfully I already have a full time job, so that takes care of my living expenses. I immediately started searching for a second part-time job to cover tuition, and received an offer of employment last Friday, the day before the wedding.

This past week was my first week working two jobs, although I wasn't quite successful. It took until at least Thursday to feel even half decently rested from the craziness that was the week before and weekend. I fully understand why people take a honeymoon immediately after the wedding - its needed (it also didn't help that Keith took the week off himself, so all I wanted to do was be home with him and snuggle a lot). I should have taken this week off regardless of the financial picture; I only managed to work 19 hours at my full time job (as opposed to the 38 hours I usually work) and 18.5 at my new job. This paycheque is gonna hurt.

This week? I work double shifts three days in a row, and again on Thursday and Sunday. I predict consuming A LOT of Monster in my future.

Have you ever worked two jobs? Any tips on how to survive? How did you pay for post-secondary?

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dust and kam said...

Most of my adult life, I have worked two jobs. It stinks. I am kind of working two jobs right now, but I only work 40 hours a week, so it's not a big deal, but somedays I work from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. Those days make me crazy (and luckily they only happen, at most, two times a week) . I think you are amazing for working so hard! I don't have any tips besides just survive each day. :) I paid for all of my college experience. 6 years of it. The only way I survived was taking out small student loans. I tried to pay for as much as I could up front. They took me years to pay off, but I know I never would have finished if I did not take out a loan. Now if we could just pay Dustyn's student loans off, we'd be much better off. It's kind of a necessary evil.

I hope you find the resources to pay for your schooling without loans. Good Luck!