Monday, November 9, 2009


Finally got the entire situation with my English professor sorted out. I actually had to send her an e-mail describing in detail what happened. She was arguing that because there was no prior notice, I shouldn't be allowed to submit the assignment I missed. I pointed out that there was no prior notice because, um, hello, nobody pencils in "will die today" on their dayplanner.

I don't know if she thought I was lying about it or what but seriously? What a shitty thing to lie about.

Anyway. I agreed that one of the assignments could not be made up because it was actually due the week before (I was under the impression it was due Oct 20), but I can submit the one that was due Oct 20, and I can write the midterm.

So glad it's over, and I got what I wanted (deserved to get, really). And now onwards with the rest of the semester .....


Kelly said...

Yay for shitty situation being sorted!

Britt said...

Glad it got all sorted out. Onwards and upwards!