Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crazy smart.

I had a FANtastic day today; we got our Corporate midterms back and my mark was 82.5%

Like, what? How did I pull THAT out of my ass? I suspect we'll never know - I didn't study at ALL or anything. I thought I would be getting 60%, at the most.

We also got our Phase I back from our Incorporation assignment, 90% so far. It was fairly easy though so it's not like I sweated over it.

After class we had a discussion with the professor about our boardroom assignment - basically our company wants to purchase another company in which we own 20% of the shares, (we also have an unsecured loan of 60k invested in the business), and we need to figure out ways of doing that.....and I have NO IDEA where the stuff that was coming out of my mouth came from.

Purchase of assets, purchase of shares, threatening to sue, giving the former shareholder options in order for them to let go of their shares, etc etc. I knew an unsecured loan would be as good as lost if the company goes under, because it goes to the back of the line in the face of all the other debts the company has and there won't be enough money - if there's any at all - by the time it gets to your loan, so you're screwed. (Guess where I learned that concept from? By reading Undomesticated Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. I shit you not.)

The professor kept agreeing with what I was saying, which is actually the amazing part. Especially about the options part; I think his mouth actually popped open at that suggestion. He said later that all my suggestions were fantastic, especially the options part, which was "real lawyering".


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weedze said...

It's good to here that you are relising your potential, that I noticed when I met you