Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sprint to the finish

The month of December? Especially the next two weeks?

So busy. So, so busy.

Busy enough that I'm feeling the stress, especially today; I got home from work last night around 12:30, went to bed at 2, and got up at 6:30, unable to sleep another wink.

I have:
-Worked 3:30 to midnight this past Sunday & yesterday.
-Presentation later today; I just finished putting together the file that accompanies it.
-Report due on Thursday for Corporate Law which I haven't even started.
-Work 3:30 to midnight (I hate you, Christmas hours) on Wednesday.
-Presentation & assignment due for L&T on Friday.
-Keep the house clean, a never-ending, exhausting chore.
-Work 4 to midnight Saturday & Sunday.
-Self-assessment memo, oral presentation, report and powerpoint due on Tuesday for English.
-Work 3:30 to midnight on Thursday.
-Final exam for L&T on Saturday at 4:30pm (open book!), Christmas party afterwards.
-Work Sunday 3:30 to midnight.
-Final exam on the 15th for Corporate at 8am. Open book!
-Work 3:30-11 on Wednesday.
-Final exam on the 17th for Disputes. Must prepare study/cheat sheet (doublesided, WHOO!).
-December 19th is when my open availability starts for work. If the hours keep up the way they have been, I'll be working 21 to 30 (or more) hours a week - usually I only work 11-15, so it's a big jump.

Right now I'm giving myself an hour of "free" time before I do a load of dishes and pick up in the living room as well as getting myself ready to head out for the day.

I'm so tired already, just looking at that list. Now, off to play some World Adventures: Sims 3. Nothing beats flat out denial!

And it's snowing. Double yuck.

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Anonymous said...

Yes you sure do seem to be doing some hours. If I am doing a heavy load of hours a 15 minute cap nap in a chair can keep me going.