Tuesday, December 29, 2009


***I quit reading Pioneer Woman shortly after MIL died. I just couldn't take the banal fluff anymore. I couldn't take the spewing of trivial nothingness she comes up with almost daily. Now, don't get me wrong. She used to be good. She used to actually have content to read and stories to share. Now, and I kid you not, she has posts titled "Morning Cow" and "Afternoon Cow" and "Snowy Cow" and "Constipated Cow" and HOLY FUCK I DON'T LIKE COWS THAT MUCH THANKS. And if I see that flipping picture of her in 1987 one more time I will punch someone in the back of the head, ninja-style.

***I don't read dooce unless I am really, really bored. Tonight was one of those nights. I had to go back 8 pages. I want to steal Marlo's eyes and put them on my face. For serious.

***A coworker of Keith's that we hang out with all the time keeps shoving her tongue so far down my throat I'm sure she can taste what I had for breakfast. Keith's okay with it, I am (surprisingly) not. But I cant say anything because she'd get really offended, so I just let it happen. I thought getting engaged stopped this kind of nonsense? Heck, I thought having a boyfriend kind of conveyed the message I chose which side of the bread to butter?

***I really want to name my 2nd son Terrance. After Terry Sawchuk, the goalie for the Detriot Red Wings [starting] in the fifties. I'd name my third son after Jacques Plante (goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens also in the fifties, and the first goalie to wear a mask in the NHL in 1959) but hey, can't really rock a French name, being Anglo and all. Sorry dude.
(PS: 1st son would be Andrew, after Andrew Moog, goaltender for the Edmonton Oilers in the eighties. Keith actually chose this name because apparently Moog was his idol as he was growing up, and we are currently having a raging battle over the middle name. I suspect I will eventually win this battle, especially as I have to push the damn thing out my hooha.) I like the idea of naming our sons after NHL goaltenders. Does this make me totally nerdy? YOUBETCHA.

***This blog makes me want to pursue a career in advertising. Not because she makes it sound glamourous or anything, but just cause. Although I have no idea how the hell to go about doing a thing like that, and I doubt I'll even really try. (Bonus points for being Canadian, FTW.)


Heather said...

Do you have girl names picked out? When do you guys think you'll have kids (I havent missed an important post on that have I lol?)?

sarah said...

Oh yeah, girls are SO much easier. I actually have 7 names I really really like, but the top four are Delaney Grace, Lucy Anne, Alice and Beth (middle names still to be decided).

And kids won't be for (at LEAST!) five years or so - I'm not into the kids before marriage thing, and I want to be married for at least 2 years before introducing babymaking to the deal. So wedding -> car -> preferably a house -> kids. Hopefully this all happens by the time I'm 28-30, but when the time's right, we'll know.