Thursday, July 22, 2010

other side

Well it looks like my communications manager totally failed on the blog front! Sorry about that.

I'm obviously okay. Surgery was 10:15 on Tuesday, took an hour an a half, and was in my room by 3.

Spent the first day more asleep than awake, as per expected. Was in lots of pain as well.

I'm back to "normal" now - dry heaved once, blood pressure normal, farting like crazy, tolerating all meds and sipping appropriately (1oz every 15 min), up walking, blah blah. Haven't taken anything for gas or pain since very early yesterday morning. Haven't needed to, thank god.

I expect to be discharged around noon tomorrow, and we've decided to stay an extra day and go back home on Saturday. I can't wait - I miss my house, my bed, my babies.


Britt said...

Glad you're doing well! Safe travels home.

Heather said...

I'm so glad its over and you're ok. I know its not really 'over' but you know what I mean, the most invasive part is!

Have a safe trip home.

Jess said...

So glad it went well! Have a safe trip home!