Saturday, November 20, 2010

On Alcohol

Quick poll here:

1) Full cash bar
2) Full "toonie" (2$) bar
3) Full bar, but anything that's not wine, signature cocktail, or domestic beer are full price, while the aforementioned items are charged 2$.
4) Modified bar - only serves wine/signature cocktail/domestic beer, and charged 2$.

Which of these is
a) the least rude
b) the least confusing


Heather said...

I say supply what you need for toasts and everyone else can pay for what they want. I vote full cash bar...but then maybe people who drink/are from Canada will understand those options better than I do lol.

Britt said...

If you have to bring in your own alcohol, I say beer, wine, signature drink. If not, then I'd probably do the cash bar. Maybe pay for everyone to have one drink?

sarah said...

We're supplying the wine for dinner, so they can toast with that, if needed.

And all alcohol is supplied by the venue, so ..... ugh.

why is this so confusing & why do I care?