Thursday, November 25, 2010

Picture this


filled completely with these:

Elegant. Simple. Clean. Gorgeous.

And now for a little math:

10 tifle bowls @ 12$ each = 120$
Candles (projected budget) = between 100-150$
Total cost of 10 centerpieces: between 220$ and 270$.

Also on the table would be these napkin-ring pompoms in orange, as an alternative to having to price out, hunt down, and rent orange napkins (can you say $$?). Aren't they ADORABLE?

(Found here)

Two other things: our venue includes chair covers with its rental fee, so I'm in the middle of deciding if the cost of chair sashes (orange, duh) is worth it for that extra added "pop" AND I found a great deal on weddingbee. Another thing I'm currently deciding is if I want a silver pin-tuck overlay, (also found on weddingbee), but is that just too much? Will anybody really notice?

Plus, then we're wandering into slightly-more-expensive-but-definitely-getting-sick-about-that-amount-of-money territory; a conservative estimate puts all the decor for the reception (excluding the overlays) around the 400$ mark, and I still have to price out chinese lanterns for over the dance floor. My estimated budget (given to me by the lovely Martha Stewart) puts centerpieces & decor for the reception at 600$, and I really, really want to be under that.

So. What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Not your style?


Heather said...

I couldnt get the silver pin tuck link to work.

You know what I used for table decorations? My gift boxes. They were all toned in the right colour and designed very prettily and the serviettes were coloured (plus they were supplying two candles per table) and I thought, screw wasting money on useless table decorations! No one cared and nor did I because I wasnt sitting at those tables!

Kelly said...

Okay so the reader in me loved the book idea you were working on a few weeks ago and if it were me I would totally go with that. BUT I do like the simple elegance of the candles idea. Way pretty.

And I love the pop of colour from the pom pom napkin thingees!

I can't get the silver pin tuck link to work either :(

sarah said...

Heather: We're doing a candy bar/buffet table as favours, so that gets its own table. Otherwise I'd have to put 3 jars (I like 3s, lol) of candy per table and that triples the amount of jars I'd have to buy. But if we were going with 'traditional' favours I would definitely think of that as an option.

Kelly: Keith hates the book idea, so that's out. Unfortunately.

Thanks for letting me know about the link - I fixed it.

Tia said...

Hi Sarah, nice to hear from you again! I clearly have a lot to catch up on here! Congrats on the wedding planning.