Sunday, September 18, 2011


Over a month with no posts? Well, I totally fail.

I got a job, in other words. An overnight job with full time hours - and suddenly, I went to being bored and antsy to being way too busy and tired for words.

Plus, this wedding planning schtick? holy bananas. I went to update the RSVP count yesterday and literally yelped. Somehow we only have 34 days until the big day, and oddly enough, after wishing for a whole year that the day would just get here already, I'm suddenly feeling like we need triple that time to get everything done and paid for.

Over the past month I've had my bridal shower, Keith had his bachelor party (last night! He came home with the word 'slut' written across his forehead in florescent marker....yeah, I don't even want to know), Keith received his wedding band (still waiting on mine, unfortunately), and I have my hair and makeup trial later today. We're also getting our marriage license later this week and meeting with the officiant next Saturday to  plan the ceremony.

Like I said.
holy bananas.


Heather said...

Its getting so close! in 18 days time I leave for your wedding-whoa!!!

ains_rae said...

I understand where you are coming from. I didn't blog at all in the months leading up to our wedding.

Remember to enjoy your day! It goes by so fast!! (I know everyone says that, but it really does:)