Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My albatross

I hemmed. I hawed. I blogged about it. Multiple times.

After I told you guys about the whole flowers and lanterns debacle, I went in search of suitable vases.

And quickly realized the vision in my head did not match up with what were on the shelves. At least, not at the price I was willing to pay per vase.

(insert big huge sigh here)

So, it was back to lanterns. I actually found suitable ones at Wal-Mart earlier this summer, but had to wait for the money to actually purchase them.....and while I was waiting, they all disappeared.

What's a girl to do? Stress, of course. I was seriously wondering if I could pull off not having centerpieces as just a odd quirk to make my wedding different. (Oh yeah baby, I went there).

Long story short, my endless browsing paid off, and I found these Ah-MAZ-ing lanterns for cheaper than what I would have paid for the same quantity at the previously mentioned store.

Must say, am SO glad this aspect of the wedding is dealt with and DONE.

Aren't they gorgeous?

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